WTS Selling copies of dash-poker.com (Web + Android)

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Jul 22, 2014
Hi all,
I am selling copies of https://dash-poker.com which includes:
- License for 1 domain (Compiled Backend)
- Android source code (modify it to your taste)
- Front-end source code (Modify it however you like)
- Backend brain valid for a single domain only (compiled service)
- Full installation to your server
- 2 weeks coding support
- Free upgrades for any bugfixes/adittional features that will be built

The domain (dash-poker.com) it self is also for sale if anyone is interested

Full copyright ownership along with all source codes are available as well (Only one, first come first serve)

Support to add new features is billed hourly - with dash (however new features that come with upgrades are free)

Some features:
- Supports cold and hot wallets, most of the deposits go to the cold wallet, a small amount is left in the hot wallet for withdraws, if there are not enough DASH in hot wallet, a withdraw request is created and emailed for the administrator to add funds to the hot wallet. once funds are added, the withdraws resume.
- Denominations are dynamic, can be changed (for example 1 dash = 1000mD ... so balances are shown in mD)
- Both Android and the Web version use websockets over ssl, and the game server is a compiled executable, so system resources are minimal, did a test with over 400 simulated players, the game was runing smooth on a 512mb ram digitalocean vps.
- Configurable tables, minimum buy-in, blinds, rake.
- Easily swipeable decks, just upload new images.

If you have further questions please email me [email protected]
Not open for further replies.