Dash Bets.com Bets on mined dash blocks!


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Jul 22, 2014
Hi everyone!
Now I am back after a 'very' long break (other projects), and will start spinning off some dash websites soon!

Starting off with https://DashBets.com which is a simple betting platform:
1 - You bet on a future Dash block (current block + 2)
2 - Bets are locked when that block is about to get mined (current block +1)
3 - Once the block is mined, the MD5 checksum of the block-hash is taken and the first letter of that MD5 is the winning letter!

So you will have to bet on numbers 0-9 and letters a-f . 15.5x is the winning amount!
Instant withdraw (minimum of 0.002, not InstantX) and minimum of 0.0001 for bets!

Easy, verifiable, secure and instant!
To verify the bet, simply take the block hash, then take the first character of its MD5 checksum!

If this website goes well, I will use the funds to start dash-escrow service and/or more games!
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