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    Insert New business to Digital Payments. Cryptocurrency Training, Administration and Accounting

    Redproductiva Dash. Merida - Venezuela The last cycle of Dash Boost, we came to place a proposal which was not favored, I received many suggestions which for this proposal were taken in consideration. I come the Request for funds to continue the work we have been doing and specify the teaching...
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    Crowfunding Work Continuity, RedProductiva Dash- Merida Venezuela

    Friends of the community, I have been conducting evaluations on the proposal for this cycle, I will be including new information in the new Progress report system as well as a cost update. I just hope you can help me reach the goal of 1 Dash for the Fee of this cycle in DashBoost. Thankful for...
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    Crowfunding Work Continuity, RedProductiva Dash- Merida Venezuela

    REDPRODUCTIVA continuing with its work and fulfilling the requirements of some MNO of the Community, I presently present the need to request Crowfunding to be completing the work done by the community in the City of Merida- Venezuela. DashNews...
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    Administrative and Accounting Training for Businessmen and Business Owners.

    Good afternoon community dash. I present my proposal for this cycle in Dashboost. Redproductiva Dash in the city of Mérida Venezuela continues its work moving to a second phase of its project. Education. Dashboost 2019 January.
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    Pre-Proposal Administrative and Accounting Training for Businessmen and Business Owners.

    PROJECT SUMMARY In The last December reproductiva began an advertising campaign in the city of Merida through static billboards and billboards with video and advertising on the radio. This aroused curiosity and initiative on the part of some groups of organized entrepreneurs wanting to know...
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    Report #1: Redproductiva - Merida. First Proposal Report

    RedProductiva Community dedicated to promote the massive adoption of Dash and use of cryptocurrencies as a form of digital payment. We are located in the Merida City, Venezuela. Mérida is a Venezuelan city located in the Andes mountain range, in the northwest part of the country. It is famous...
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    Pre-proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with Billboards

    The Answer: 1. I have +15 years working in the world of sales, I know that if a product, however good it is and does not have a good publicity campaign, the product will not have the desired impact. 2. It would circulate short videos of 10 to 20 seg as: What is Dash . Exchange with Merchant...
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    Pre-proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with Billboards

    PROJECT SUMMARY Redproductiva community Dash- Mérida Venezuela ally of Dash Venezuela This new proposal for DashBoost is to carry out the advertising campaign of the DASH brand so that all the Merchants and the general public learn to use Dash as an Exchange. The main idea is to place...
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    First Pre Proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with billboards

    RedProductiva Dash-Merida Venezuela Red Productiva is a DASH community located in the City of Merida-Venezuela. This Community is part of Dash Venezuela and we are working for the adoption of DASH as a means of digital payment. The Proposal in DashBoost to start the pilot plan has the...
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    New Merchant in Mérida-Venezuela

    RM Jewelry Watchmaking, is a new business in the city of # Merida that joins the #DASH family. Already in your establishment you are receiving #DASH as a form of Payment. It is the first business of its kind that receives #DASH in the City. Thank you for providing the confidence to the payment...
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    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    Hello Albert. Yes I will do. First I will trainning better the merchant`s owner how they have to used the wallet ans how they can recived well DASH. Next step is includ them in
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    DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

    RedProductiva made his first event in the city of Merida- Venezuela, participating in the Event Workshop Touristic 2018 where participated Dozens of shops of the tourist branch. Final Avenida. Los Próceres, Zona industrial los Andes, Mérida 5101, Facebook...
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    Maracay, Venezuela is Newest City to See Dash Expansion

    Congratulations to Dash maracay, good jobs. Regards
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    Red Productiva New Community in Venezuela

    Happy start of the month to all DASHher, My name is Edwar Vidarte, Founder of a new community in Venezuela, called Red Productiva, It is located in the city of Merida, Venezuela. The mission of this community is to establish Dash as a means of payment in the area, where tourism activity is...