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First Pre Proposal Dash Boost: Advertising campaign with billboards

Discussion in 'Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions' started by Red Productiva, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Sep 18, 2018
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    RedProductiva Dash-Merida Venezuela

    Red Productiva is a DASH community located in the City of Merida-Venezuela. This Community is part of Dash Venezuela and we are working for the adoption of DASH as a means of digital payment.

    The Proposal in DashBoost to start the pilot plan has the objective to start the advertising campaign through At least two Billboardsup above, advertising screens and radio stations campaing also having 2 events for merchants . We will teach how to change FIAT to DASH.
    • Increase the operations of Change, FIAT to DASH
    • Increase Businesses and Merchant that accept DASH
    • Perform Educational Events for Businessmen and Public in General
    • Use all existing tools to facilitate intercabios: Dash Wallet (Android, IOS) Dash Text, Qr.CR, etc
    • Create new technological alliances

    Some examples of billboards:

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