Report #1: Redproductiva - Merida. First Proposal Report

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Sep 18, 2018
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Community dedicated to promote the massive adoption of Dash and use of cryptocurrencies as a form of digital payment. We are located in the Merida City, Venezuela.
Mérida is a Venezuelan city located in the Andes mountain range, in the northwest part of the country. It is famous for its Spanish colonial architecture, parks and squares. It is also known as the starting point for outdoor activities in the Sierra Nevada and Sierra La Culata National Parks, located nearby. Visitors from other countries and the many students of the prestigious University of the Andes contribute to creating a lively cultural and nocturnal life.

Proposal was:

  1. Planning (Nov 20018)
  2. Execution and Development (Dic 2018)
  3. Evaluation (Jan 2019)
  4. Events (Education and Training
    Stage II New Proposal Feb 2019)
Marketing Program:


1.- HD videos on LED 5 screens throughout the City.
  • Places: You Can see in Spanish Report

2.- Static billboards in a point of high vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

3.- Radial Campaigns: Broadcast of informative Rotatives in 2 local radio stations (Mérida).
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4.- Events: We will carry out different events throughout the duration of the Campaign.

5.- Web design is still pending, It will be operational by the beginning of February

Thanks to the Advertising Plan it has been possible to attract a large group interested in the DASH theme as a payment exchange.

1.- Cooperativa Colimir: Group of Coffee Producers organized within an amount of 45 active members within the Organization waiting for training on the subject of Reception, Payment and Exchange of Dash as a means of Payment.

2.- El Mercadito: Organization of Entrepreneurs (Freelancer) and Entrepreneurs requiring training in the DASH theme. Its members reach about 65 participants.

3.- Mérida Gastronomica: Initiative represented by Restaurant Owners of the Merida zone, where through transfers they make visits with certain quantities of customers to the different places for a tasting and tasting of the different culinary flavors of the area. They have about 35 locations as Restaurants, Coffee, Chocolat makers product and Wine Producers.
We will enter a second phase, where through a proposal in DB, we will seek to train all these owners of organized businesses, with accurate information on the use and management of Dash.
We also seek to give support to all these new users in the new tax management of the country.

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