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    Mining DarkCoin, a beginners journey...

    if my circuit breakers had a dollar each time i flipped a breaker It would retire for life. i used to use milk crates too but i expanded so much that i needed to go with a more compact option. I "transformed" each 3 card crate into a single 6 card PVC case. It runs alot cooler b/c there is no...
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    Mining DarkCoin, a beginners journey...

    great success story. What cast/structure build are you using? I built an open air PVC case for my 3 rigs and i freaking love it. Cheap and sturdy.
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    CCminer X11 mining on NVidia cards

    anyone got a 750ti running x11?
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    hmmm it must have been something with the site im looking at that one shows 543k now....guess i should stop using them.
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    I was wondering why the difficulty jumped from 3k to 900k yesterday. I thought someone had figured out how to get an ASIC to do X11, but now its nice to know its just a different numerical rating system.
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    3k difficulty and 6k+ volume

    is anyone else watching whats going on right now with the volume on DRK? Miners are moving in droves but theres way too much volume than would warrant even this price increase. Anybody wondering whats up? I mean i like...but dang.
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    [WTS] BFL 30 GH/s miner

    ya i doubt youll find anyone in a darkcoin forum wanting a SHA miners. That would be attune to wanting to sell a rusty golf club to a tennis player
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    Big Whale?

    yeah 3k definitely. Its interesting because when you look at the volume of BTC on us right now With where we rank (~5th) then something is up with the volume. We are destroying any other coin. 22x peercoin in volume alone!! To me thats an indicator of something purposely creating traffic that is...
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    How to Use the Reputation System

    ya i like seeing a reputation system for sure
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    Best configuration for R9 290 Tri-X?

    I-20 seems to give me the same hash rate as I-20 with 256 worksize and lookupgap of 2. not as sensitive as scrypt or N-scrypt mining
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    Hashing Speeds

    my 280xs are the MSI Twin Frozrs and my 290s are the Saphirre Tri-x which i really love.
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    Hashing Speeds

    i get about 1.98M on my 280xs and 2.5 on my 290s
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    Restoring a Backup

    hopefully you put a password on your wallet file....
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    Market cap rising

    Darkcoin rise in market cap from #20 to #16 in one week is pretty nice to see...even over VTC now.
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    AMD’s new flagship R9 295X2

    hmmm ya....i dont see anyone buying this for any mining