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    WTF: Using a PrivateSend transaction with 10 or more inputs can damage your privacy

    this has been there for awhile As it was mentioned i think it could just be reworded to say something better, like to use the highest level of privacy you should understand coin control and input selections to use less than 10 inputs to avoid cluster identification techniques.
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    How to setup dash for woocommerce

    I tried installing nmarley plugin but after i try to use composer to update the dependency i get this. - Installing rgooding/protobuf-php (0.0.1): Cloning d688d7894d Install of rgooding/protobuf-php failed [RuntimeException] Failed to execute git clone --no-checkout...
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    How to setup dash for woocommerce

    the solutions in the are all third part processors, how do we bring back Nathan Marley plugin for pure dash payments to site owners. I am trying the plugin but it seems out of date who can help with this I will offer bounty to update this to working order...
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    A warning about General Bytes

    We can co-operate a private general bytes CAS server. I still operate from a private server
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    Flexible Proposal System

    ... If we have kypo and po will sign contract for escrow funds. I am willing to facilitate USD to US bank accounts with government issued ID. If no contract you end up getting stuck for taxes which is what happened to Green Candle And applauding community for holding PO feet to fire is win win...
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    Flexible Proposal System

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    What's this Trust Protector thing all about? Let's meet them and chat about Dash stuff.

    Hello my Name is Brian Damian I am the owner of About37 llc and I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Dash Trust Protector. I am invested in Dash and the Dash ecosystem and have the financial responsibility to act with best interests for the Dash Network. As any impacts to the...
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    Dash Cryptocurrency: Single Wallet Owner Possesses 51% of Hashrate

    what a fckn hit piece and even if any of this FUD was true why does the article end with how when it happens to monero they forked away. They forgot to add how the monero ASIC silent mined for how long?? Who owns CCN why has there been zero dash articles and then this one... And what is their...
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    Problem with old TX history export from QT wallet (

    Maybe delete everything except for your wallet file maybe dash.conf let it all rebuild again 1 block at a time it sounds / looks like some events were dated all same time maybe a reindex happened? What have you tried so far anything?
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    Dash Core v0.13.0 Release Preparation

    Great to hear on a long awaited release, do let us know when its ready for downloads and self builds, I don't see any final builds out yet beyond rc11. I encourage tech shy MNO to get their hands dirty and try this out on testnet now. Its not a difficult upgrade but it has several key steps...
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    v13.0 Testing

    You will have to hot wallet start the MN after version 13 to bump the protocol to 70213 just like usual, and then you will have the PROTX command you have to run to register on the deterministic list once activated. This is going to be a fun couple of months...How long for ant pool to update...
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    Are you mining?

    If I stop mining the building could explode so i can never stop....
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    v13.0 Testing

    Can someone explain the protx register_fund feature that was added to the protx command? Does that replace the register_prepare syntax when you want to specify funds for the protx? In the console help menus register_prepare says use "feeSourceAddress" but register_fund uses "fundAddress"
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    are you going to escrow funds with someone to measure event #1 performance before you get to 2 and 3? I would like to see you run 1 great even before funding for 3 events all at once.