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    Do Masternodes really help to stabilize the price?

    The problem here is the logic that simply "existing" stabilizes prices. The MN system poses a risk in that mining centralization through ASIC production in a relatively small transaction volume environment can reduce returns to MNs as well as miners by creating too many MNs. The reward structure...
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    How to solo mine Dash?

    If you're somewhat technically minded you can take a look at P2Pool. Otherwise, I'm not really that familiar with the process. Again, I don't think there's any point in doing that since the returns are so low right now that you're going to be risking a significant loss rather than booking a...
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    Just got my D3 19.3 GH/s, but they only operate at 17.5!

    You are borderline between breaking even mining the D3. If DASH prices declined back to the 276 level then you'd be making $0.36/day versus $2/day right now. So there's not a lot of room for error here. If I were you I would mine something with more potential for a pump such as MUE or maybe...
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    Is AntMiner D3 on uniminers legit?

    Jesus, people, don't be stupid. There are scammers EVERYWHERE. Look at how many messages they've posted. They're just scammers posting bogus claims and it should be obvious given the type of messages they post. That domain registrar in "Charlestown" is the number one scammer registrar. If you...
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    D3 mining

    I see. Usually if you say "investor" that means you want money from someone with an expectation that you will repay them with profits or capital gains.
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    How to solo mine Dash?

    Of course.
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    HostYourMiner a Holland based colocation €115/KW/Month

    I don't know where you get your numbers, but even Bitmain explictly says that the S9 uses 1600 W at the wall with a server grade PSU and generally up to 533 W per hash board (multiply this by 3 for total power). 135 euro isn't unreasonable if that includes electricity and cooling. Generally...
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    D3 mining

    Unless your D3s are in Iceland or somewhere with cheap energy you're probably generating close to zero profit on those 10 D3s. Not sure why any sane investor would want to give you money. If you knew what you were doing you would have a mix of S9/L3+/D3 and some GPU miners for XMR and ETH...
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    How to solo mine Dash?

    You can't if you are running an ASIC miner. You need to use a pool. At this point solo mining Dash would have to be one of the most pointless things you could possibly do unless you have a lot of money to pay for electricity lying around. Many pools have zero fees so you might as well get paid...
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    Should I keep or sell my late November batch D3's?

    The only other viable coins to mine are Monetary Units (MUE) or Start Coin, both of which have prime pump and dump potential due to their extremely low volume and small user base, and I'd say even Dash falls into that category due to the currently excessive network rate and the questionable...
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    New BAIKAL X10 10 gh miner

    I'm pretty sure the reason your miners are getting pushed back is because they couldn't sell enough to go into production. At this point you're screwed either way unless you get a refund. Next time don't pre-order a miner that's obsolete before it even gets here and do some more calculations and...
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    mining w/ almost 60ghs and just $20 or less? NiceHash

    I wouldn’t necessarily say these miners will be useless because if production get suspended due to the network being over saturated (ie no demand) then there will be a window where transaction volume can catch up so if you believe in Dash then things might stabilize and create better returns in...
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    Internet bandwith usage

    Generally you should run in a terminal window “ping “stratum ip address” to test that. There are some more comprehensive guides to setting the right pool address based on latency out there but generally the closer the server the lower the latency.
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    Internet bandwith usage

    In general, bandwidth is not a concern when mining. A 5 mbps plan is probably sufficient for over 200 miners assuming your latency numbers are good. Even using a LTE modem with only 2 bars and sub 5 mbps speeds I was getting decent enough latency to run around 50 machines with only about 0.10%...
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    mining w/ almost 60ghs and just $20 or less? NiceHash

    Changing pools isn't likely to improve things all that much. You could have had better returns mining Dash instead of getting BTC for your hashpower since Dash has had better recent performance than BTC assuming you hold your crypto instead of selling it right away. I'm not sure things will get...