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    WTS Golden Darkcoin

    You are welcome to use the new coin design.
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    I welcome the gradual increase. The payout structure is what we are changing. eth1 Masternodes are central to the theme of Darkcoin. I prefer we give most to the Masternodes.
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    Black PR against Darkcoin

    well giving that link more hits wont help bring it down in the rank now will it?
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    Bitcoin Paypal – we just hit the mainstream!

    Theres A Polish Bitcoin Embassy?
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    Customize your QR with

    If you want to give your QR code a new look, then qrhacker is for you. The new QRcode is for you to give to others. The new QRcode does not go back in the wallet but it can have the same or additional information. Copy the receive address from your wallet and paste in a new QR as text...
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    Reply to Kristov's paper

    I think Evan gave a green light on that.:"This research shows that Darkcoin and Darksend are maturing technologies and are ready for adoption and use by the general public." "Get out, spread the word, use social media to relay updates and news of all kinds." vertoe Duffette#2
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    Reply to Kristov's paper

    What I read, reassures my hunch. Darkcoin is leagues ahead of Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Making me instantly a proud member of this community. In terms of development on securing vulnerabilities, Atlas was showing every known attack vector to most cryptocoins. Alot went over my head...
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    Merchant Directory Listing

    Merchant adoption list is growing by the moment!
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    Darkcoin Fork in The Road

    #2 Anonymous E-cash please :) That is what we thought we bought. I'm loving how low bloat Darkcoin is and Bitcoin has that impending minor issue to deal with. Though, I do not understand the full implications of "providing a host of anonymity services using the Darksend implementation." I can...
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    Bitcoin Paypal – we just hit the mainstream!

    Only when I see satoshi wallets move from the Bitcoin rich list, then i'll worry for real.
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    Follow up from 'Loosing Faith' ... List of things to have in place for the next RC ....>

    Looking for a curator of the Darkcoin Collection on Coin Academy to add information on Darkcoin. Coin Academy is free for educational purposes. If you would like to help write for Darkcoin, submit a contribution "What does it cost to use Coin...
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    Bitcoin Paypal – we just hit the mainstream!

    Source: By Marni Melrose on September 8, 2014 in Bitcoin, Payment Networ Paypal can be a way of age/ID verification for Bitcoin. Corporate participation is a good thing as it can offer the services lacking in the bitcoin infrastructure. I see this...
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    Still haven't received an MN payment...

    Have you tried using the masternode as an exit node for Darksend rounds, If your masternodes are not getting paid?
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    Still haven't received an MN payment...

    What is the absolute reason to even have variance at all? It sounds fishy to people. I see other options. A fair split, 1 drk / # active nodes every mine payout. That way, everyone is compensated equally. Does this introduce too much complexity? It'd be more trusted. We could verify its working...
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    I have reached out to

    We can all ask Gocoin, Bitcoin & Beyond to add Darkcoin: [email protected], [email protected] but first make an account with them.