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    Proposal -- Renew DASH: Detailed for 6 Months

    You guys should add more hosts and cover more content, imo! THis could be a big business, like fox news of Dash! The concept is good, I like your show Amanda! You guys could produce lotsa good dash content if you had more money/time/staff/help/goals all that good stuff!! Maybe you need 2 shows...
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    How often does Evan show up and answer questions?

    we should have AMA every 2 weeks, this is easy stuff guys cmon don't be so lenient. Why don't you want more info?
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    New website discussion

    OKay thanks man!! @AndyDark you in charge? Whats timeline man?
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    Public Dash Slack Community

    Like a Boeing 747, is that what you are trying to say? o_O
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    New website discussion

    Much appreciated. Perhaps you can go into mere vague details? Like 2-4 weeks of work? 4-8 weeks? ANything? And What is holding you back except for time constraints? How many hours do you find yourself working on this project per week?
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    New website discussion

    Like soon how soon is soon going to be? Don't be like blizzard! Timeline please men!! Dash website is old enough already, new one is supposed to be 100x better so we need it sooner than soon, pretty pelase. :(
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    Why is there 2k dash unallocated in this months budget?

    Whoa, crazy how things change so quickly around here! They voted it down... crazy!
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    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Dash to Fiat Payment Processor

    Who would you say this? Dash NEED these guys! Dash would prolly jump at any chance to have thier own coinbase!!!! :oops::eek:
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    New website discussion

    Wait, ur kdiding right?
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    Public Dash Slack Community

    Wow this place has 722 members!!! Crazy!! I found all the Dash-ers! :eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    Inconsistency in Masternode - Upate to asap !

    Isn't that alot of nodes still though? 16% of 4000 is like a 500+ nodes... 100-16 =84, so MNOs get a B grade for upgrading.
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    Bill Payments and Bank Transfers to 45,000 billers in Australia

    You won't be able to have an iOS app btw. Apple doesn't like us. Be warned! :mad::mad::mad:
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    Bill Payments and Bank Transfers to 45,000 billers in Australia

    Wow I wish I lived in your area! Woud be great to have this service stateside! :eek::D
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    New website discussion

    Wow this thread is so full of good stuff! How long until this badass website is done? After reading this, I am SO EXCITED!!!! Good job team! :D:D:D