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    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    Thank you for your hard work Andy, I sincerely hope to see you back soon. Enjoy your rest! Pablo.
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    Dash Service Desk Dry Run

    Thanks for pointing out that's the wrong video, will have it fixed in a few minutes :). Edit: Most of these articles are placeholders or copy/pastes from the excellent guide at Our own knowledge base should grow organically once we have steady traffic. Pablo.
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    Dash Service Desk Dry Run

    Dear Community Members, It’s a pleasure to inform you that after much preparation and arduous work, we will begin trialing our Customer Service Desk on the main Dash website between Tuesday, 22nd of May and Friday, 25th of May. This short trial is intended to help us gauge customer traffic and...
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    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    I agree with you that merchant support is a major issue. I think the trick it to get a technically able person in Tier 1 support, but you will still have bottle necks in Tier 2 as Core Team devs are not going to be any less busy because "support" comes calling instead of the merchant directly...
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    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    I think I can give a complimentary answer: We currently have a general purpose support desk, we have actually been running the support desk in stealth for over a year. This is NOT the same as a merchant specific support desk but we have been planning to develop additional team members with a...
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    Pre-proposal: Let millions of Chinese investors on Huobi invest Dash

    If this is really Huobi it is an interesting proposal. Needs to be vetted. Pablo.
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    Where do you sell your dash?

    Kraken to BTC and BTC to Bitstamp. You can trade directly for Fiat on Kraken but I trust Bitstamp remittance more. Pablo.
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    Ledger Nano S wallet

    Trezor was the first HW wallet, it is also fully open source and has a long track record of strong security and good incident response, so to answer your question, services tend to integrate Trezor before other HW wallets. I believe they also have the largest user base but i can''t find the...
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    Open Letter to CEO Ryan Taylor and DASH Stakeholders

    Not that I agree with you, but kudos on writing something coherent and reasonably thought out. I was ready for some troll mumbo-jumbo. Pablo.
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    Proposal: Dash debit card

    @joemoraca Not sure why. The features are definitely not very visible, even from within the site. Hope that helps :). Pablo.
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    Proposal: Dash debit card

    @joemoraca Haven't used it in a while but I can vouch for the fact you could spend dash to your Spectrocoin card a couple months ago. I moved on to another card because Spectro is particularly expensive but it was available; you could also trade fiat for Dash. Pablo.
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    New release imminent?

    Interesting. Pablo.