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Aug 15, 2014 at 1:34 AM
Jun 2, 2014
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Day Trader, Software Dev, Crypto Investor


Member, Male, from Louisiana

My BitcoinTalk.org profile here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=338468 Jul 24, 2014

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Aug 15, 2014
    1. TommyGoat
      Hey I was reading your article for fixing frozen transactions and saw that you offered to help anyone that doesn't have a separate computer! My computer and internet is so slow that it took me nearly 20 days to download the full 90 gb blockchain and I just don't have another 20 days to spend. So ultimately, I am begging you for help getting my transaction unfrozen?
    2. DRKLord
    3. DRKLord
      Just to clarify: I am DRKLord on both Bitcointalk.org and DarkcoinTalk.org! :-)
    4. DRKLord
      Getting caught up on everything... been in bed sick past couple days, feeling much better now.
    5. DRKLord
      Time to get some sleep and rest up for another marathon session of coding... :P
    6. DRKLord
      Thanks for your help finding me that 174.00 DRK, Kyle!!! Much appreciated! :-)
    7. bevo
      Trusted him with over 20 DRK with out collateral and has paid back every time without fail. Very honest and reliable.
    8. InternetApe
      Hello, 174DRK for $1740
    9. DRKLord
      Watching DRK become King of Alt-coins!!!
    10. ttille
      Bought $300 worth of DRK from DRKLord today in person. Been good friends for many years. Introduced me to Darkcoin!
    11. vertoe
      He sent me a physical Casascius coin and agreed sending first. Awesom fast and reliable trading partner. +1
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    Day Trader, Software Dev, Crypto Investor
    I'm a 27-year-old day trader, crypto investor and software developer from Louisiana (USA). I'm known as "DRKLord" on both DarkcoinTalk and BitcoinTalk, and also as "Bjorn1010" on PrimeDice and DarkDice. And I am an early adopter and major advocate of Darkcoin.

    I've been into crypto-currencies for several years now. I got my start in Bitcoin back in early 2011, and I've been hooked ever since! I fell in love with Bitcoin for three major reasons: 1) As a "free-market" / "libertarian" type of guy, I believe crypto-currencies offer potential for MAJOR economic advancement and increase individual and economic liberty 2) Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies offer amazing financial and payment processing capabilities no other system can rival 3) the design/code behind Bitcoin is absolutely genius!

    Until 2014, I had never fully adopted any alt-coin. I dabbled in Litecoin a bit when it first became popular. I invested in LTC when it was still under $0.03 USD, and solo-mined a good number of blocks with a small HD-7970 GPU farm. But I immediately sold out of all my LTC (at a huge profit) when the price broke above $12.50 and I got out completely. After that I played around with other alt-coins, trading their rises and falls, but never felt any of them had the potential to survive long-term, let alone become a real rival and competitor to Bitcoin. Until Darkcoin came along, that is... :)

    I have a fairly large stake in DRK now, compared to most people. And I intend to accumulate more and more, as often as possible. I believe Darkcoin is the ONLY alt-coin with the potential to not only survive but thrive in the long-term. It is the first and only alt-coin that offers any tangible (or useful) advantages and innovations. And I believe it can one day overtake even Bitcoin (in terms of USD price); perhaps even one day trading at double or triple the USD price of Bitcoin.

    Other than crypto-currency, I also enjoy day trading conventional financial instruments such as stocks, options, futures/commodities and FOREX. I'm also an avid programmer and software developer with quite a few years of Windows app and game dev experience under my belt. My favorite language is C# but I also do a lot of coding in C and C++. I'm currently in the process of studying the Darkcoin project source and analyzing its architecture and mechanics to become integrated as a new Darkcoin dev!

    EDIT: Now officially part of the Darkcoin dev team! :)

    Looking forward to a bright future for both the Darkcoin community, and the currency itself! B-)

    The DRK Lord


    Luficrem si drolkrd eht!

    Darkcoin: XxP5kj9nPQd3ZEP7dkX2D8wg24jQQ4zg6u
    Bitcoin: 1PT15RwCvFu4gfkN9YBvx1C5guBC6tQA1h