I'm a 27-year-old day trader, crypto investor and software developer from Louisiana (USA). I'm known as "DRKLord" on both DarkcoinTalk and BitcoinTalk, and also as "Bjorn1010" on PrimeDice and DarkDice. And I am an early adopter and major advocate of Darkcoin.

I've been into crypto-currencies for several years now. I got my start in Bitcoin back in early 2011, and I've been hooked ever since! I fell in love with Bitcoin for three major reasons: 1) As a "free-market" / "libertarian" type of guy, I believe crypto-currencies offer potential for MAJOR economic advancement and increase individual and economic liberty 2) Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies offer amazing financial and payment processing capabilities no other system can rival 3) the design/code behind Bitcoin is absolutely genius!

Until 2014, I had never fully adopted any alt-coin. I dabbled in Litecoin a bit when it first became popular. I invested in LTC when it was still under $0.03 USD, and solo-mined a good number of blocks with a small HD-7970 GPU farm. But I immediately sold out of all my LTC (at a huge profit) when the price broke above $12.50 and I got out completely. After that I played around with other alt-coins, trading their rises and falls, but never felt any of them had the potential to survive long-term, let alone become a real rival and competitor to Bitcoin. Until Darkcoin came along, that is... :)

I have a fairly large stake in DRK now, compared to most people. And I intend to accumulate more and more, as often as possible. I believe Darkcoin is the ONLY alt-coin with the potential to not only survive but thrive in the long-term. It is the first and only alt-coin that offers any tangible (or useful) advantages and innovations. And I believe it can one day overtake even Bitcoin (in terms of USD price); perhaps even one day trading at double or triple the USD price of Bitcoin.

Other than crypto-currency, I also enjoy day trading conventional financial instruments such as stocks, options, futures/commodities and FOREX. I'm also an avid programmer and software developer with quite a few years of Windows app and game dev experience under my belt. My favorite language is C# but I also do a lot of coding in C and C++. I'm currently in the process of studying the Darkcoin project source and analyzing its architecture and mechanics to become integrated as a new Darkcoin dev!

EDIT: Now officially part of the Darkcoin dev team! :)

Looking forward to a bright future for both the Darkcoin community, and the currency itself! B-)

The DRK Lord
Day Trader, Software Dev, Crypto Investor


Luficrem si drolkrd eht!

Darkcoin: XxP5kj9nPQd3ZEP7dkX2D8wg24jQQ4zg6u
Bitcoin: 1PT15RwCvFu4gfkN9YBvx1C5guBC6tQA1h



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