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    A PROPOSAL I HAVE DECIDED TO PARALIZE I wanted comment to the community that I had been working for several weeks to present a great impact proposal to the treasury, and due to the serious health events that are occurring in the world related with the corona-virus, we have decided to suspend...
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    Flexible Proposal System

    Dash has a legal entity that requires financial support: the DIF. The most logical would be to modify the rewards system so that it does not burn and the unallocated budget is allocated to the DIF & DIT.
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    Temporary Measures / Quick Wins

    I speak from a greater Store of Value focus . The fastest way is to reduce the mining reward and give more % to the treasury and the MNO Network. It is evident that the MN nodes have not been reduced until 1 month ago, so we can deduce that the miners are flooding the Dash market 2 years ago...
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    We need a payment processor native

    Maybe this is useful, talk to @strophy
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    Spark Payments (formerly DashPay POS)

    Koddax, I think you should expand this information in the FAQ and give some examples, so that merchants see the ease of linking your POS with the Dash Wallet app for smartphone (ios, android).
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    Pre-poposal: DASH REMITTANCES - Increasing the supply of Dash in Venezuela

    I had not seen this pre-proposal. I find the proposal for Madrid-Spain interesting (I do not live near) in this city lives a large community of Latinos and Venezuelans to do this event. Alejandro, if you take the proposal forward and want more help, collaboration and experience, in the area...
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    Spark Payments (formerly DashPay POS)

    I agree, with a Windows / Android + POS software system as that SparkPOS software has more versatility of use and a fast implementation curve, in addition is more cheaper cost of management, maintenance and support. It is the line to follow, a merchant wants easy things with technology.
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    Spark Payments (formerly DashPay POS)
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    Spark Payments (formerly DashPay POS)

    George, I think they support several Latin American countries, and have agreements with the POS system of blockpay (, therefore, I think they could easily connect to spark system. About blockpay...
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    Spark Payments (formerly DashPay POS)

    Hello kodaxx, great job your POS solution. I have seen your connection to Uphold as a payment processor to avoid business volatality by converting dash to fiat, at a 1.25% fee cost. I do not know if you know it, but for Latin America there is another exchange similar to uphold that is...
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    DCG Business Dev Strategy, Presentation and Q&A

    Hello Bradley, I have seen the video, and I think that we should expand the LATAM focus to Argentina, its current economic situation and the future will be ideal for the growth of the use of Dash. I would like to know if this suggestion you will annotate to include in the growth roadmap...
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    We need a payment processor native

    I have found this new payment processor that have include Dash A review I think that for the future fund of Dash Capital Venture, it would be an interesting option to enter its capital (or that of another payment processor), this would...
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2018 Summary Call - 10 August 2018

    In the future investment fund: Dash Venture 1) What would be the amount estimated in $ for the first initial contribution? 2) When could it be operational? 3) What would be the requirements and characteristics to access it? 4) What criteria and how would decisions be made where to invest...
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    It is a long interview that he made, that video-document is public.
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH TEXT - SMS Wallets for Everyone (Exclusively for Dash) - FIRST STAGE VENEZUELA

    Lorenzo, obviously I spoke in a study in global terms, not in a specific country, since dash is global. Maybe I expressed myself badly, or that you misunderstood me. The worldwide decline of GSM technology, based on the new LTE wireless connection technologies, means that creating investments...