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    Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) and Dash

    I think the treasury could be a net liability for Dash if we get less out of it than we are putting into it. This is obviously complicated by the way we are currently using it, as we do not know if the bets we are making will pay off or to what degree. If the treasury is a net leak of value...
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    Dash Embassy D-A-CH - Project Prioritisation Survey

    I think prioritization is exactly the right issue for MNOs to be considering. Thank you for bringing awareness to this.
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    How to sustainably grow Dash´s Ecosystem? - Dash Infrastructure Program

    I think it's wonderful that you are thinking about sustainability. Unsustainability is in my view is the biggest single threat to the DAO, the ecosystem and the network. If benefits provided by Treasury expenditures are not net equal to or greater than the value supplied to get them, the losses...
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    My Vision for the Future of Dash

    Here is my vision for Dash: We use treasury funds to build a healthy growing community of developer/entrepreneurs who risk their own capital or get their own financing in an attempt to profitably provide value to the network. If the value provided by that group exceeds the cost to build it, Dash...
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    Proposal: Commitment to Improving Funding Model
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    Proposal: Commitment to Improving Funding Model

    Thanks for your input. Obviously I would like to get the 5 Dash back if possible, so if the only people voting yes have to support all RFPs, bounties and prizes, I'm less likely to get this to pass. I just want to know if enough MNOs recognize funding as a big enough problem or area with room...
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    Proposal: Commitment to Improving Funding Model

    Draft: We would like to ask if there is enough recognition of the need to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way in which treasury funds are awarded so that there is a reasonable expectation that meaningful improvements will be made. In our opinion, benefit to the network can be...
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    Core Team Compensation (September)

    It has to do with planning and not poor planning? What does that even mean? I understand you are arguing that Core management was unlucky and not selfish or incompetent. I even think you are very likely at least mostly correct, but those explanations are not mutually exclusive. A good strategy...
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    Core Team Compensation (September)

    It must be deeply offensive to other contributors who aren't getting paid at all due to treasury constraints in a bear market that Core is asking for more than they need to build a safety buffer. A cushion is wise, but they should have thought of that earlier. It's too late to save for a rainy...
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    DCG and non-core functions

    The problem is that MNOs would still bear the risk of sunk costs, just not all at once. It is possible to shift all the risk to solution providers and just because we haven't done it yet doesn't mean we can't or that a protocol change would be required to implement it. It would just take MNO...
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    DCG and non-core functions

    I'm wondering if micromanaging Core could create as many problems as it solves. I would be happy to just say "MNOs expect CDG to do X,Y, and Z. W don't care how you do it or how much it costs, but if you do it, you'll get a specified amount of Dash and NOT BEFORE. In fact, if some other...
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    DCG and non-core functions

    Ideology is worthless if it doesn't provide utility in the real world. Decentralization is a value not just because a wider distribution of power is more morally just but because it produces better outcomes. If the increase in accountability didn't more than compensate for the loss in efficiency...
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    How to get 40X returns on Treasury awards

    Masternode Owners can get over 40X returns in treasury disbursements with little risk by following the example of the X Prize Foundation (XPF). XPF revolutionized funding of new industries. “Case in point: The Ansari XPRIZE. An initial investment of $2.5 million enabled us to offer a $10...
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    Why the Fed now loves Cryptocurrencies

    They don't care about money rushing into crypto if it doesn't pose a systemic risk to the banks. It's something else they can (try to) tax and it keeps the fiat money ponzi going by preventing credit contraction.
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    The people with the most Dash to trade

    not exactly. Vendors that offer goods and services that miners and/or other people are likely to need to meet basic expenses. I'm thinking ISPs, hardware vendors, etc. Maybe even power companies. I know that I am trying to spend dash rather than sell it as much as possible and it is very...