My Vision for the Future of Dash


Dec 14, 2017
Here is my vision for Dash: We use treasury funds to build a healthy growing community of developer/entrepreneurs who risk their own capital or get their own financing in an attempt to profitably provide value to the network. If the value provided by that group exceeds the cost to build it, Dash will be virtually unstoppable. a 101% return on investment (ROI) will compound, leading to an exponential increase in value.

I think such a community will almost naturally grow if we just eliminate the Pay and Pray funding model. We can still fund development. We can still fund marketing, just without the on board risk. Entrepreneurs look for win-win. Most ultimately fail, but most don't need to succeed. Consumers benefit from failing businesses all the time, and new entrepreneurs pop up to replace them. Consumers don't care too much if the store they shop at is losing money. They may care if the store closes, but they can enjoy shopping there until it does. Then they shop somewhere else. Some entrepreneurs succeed and get extremely wealthy, and they still provide win-win solutions for consumers. ~6800 Dash are spent by the treasury every month. If we were using it to build a community of entrepreneurs rather than funding pie-in-the-sky projects with no guarantee of ROI at all, I believe investors would pour in money, just like they did with Etherium.

So what if NO proposal owners have provided as much value as they are asking in payment? No real problem. MNOs can pay the ones who provide the best value RELATIVE to the other proposals. All we have to do is keep the competition going until one or more of them do provide >100% ROI. Over time there is every reason to expect the customer (the MNO network) will become a more wise consumer and the providers (proposal owners) will become better entrepreneurs.

Masternode owners are customers. They are the consumers of the things provided by the treasury, along with other stakeholders. There is no reason we need to finance the projects we are doing business with. We can pay them at the time they provide the benefits, or after. That is a common, normal way of doing business. It happens all the time almost everywhere. In my opinion, the Masternode network need to stop playing banker. We are obviously not very good at it, judging by the Schrems, the Swanns, the bitcarts, the air races, MMA fights, conferences at strip clubs, the numerous other projects that failed or disappointed.

We need to end Pay and Pray. We should be building a community of developer/entrepreneurs, not a mob of promise-breaking hucksters and dreamers wishing to get Dash to finance their unsustainable, money-sucking adventures. The few good projects just don't seem to be worth the unintentional negative advertising campaign of the losers.

If you are a MNO and you share my vision, or if you would simply like to try different ways to get more value out of treasury expenditures, please comment and vote on my proposal: Commitment to Improve Funding Model, now on Dash Central.

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