How to get 40X returns on Treasury awards


Dec 14, 2017
Masternode Owners can get over 40X returns in treasury disbursements with little risk by following the example of the X Prize Foundation (XPF). XPF revolutionized funding of new industries.

“Case in point: The Ansari XPRIZE. An initial investment of $2.5 million enabled us to offer a $10 million prize purse that drove teams from around the world to spend over $100 million in R&D (10x the prize purse), resulting in a $2 billion private space industry.”


That’s over a 4,000% return on investment (ROI). XPF accomplished this amazing feat by setting an audacious, inspiring goal and by shifting risk from investors to competitors. They had a specific goal in mind but they didn’t care how that goal was achieved or who achieved it. They didn’t need to care. They benefited no matter who won.

Dash has an even more audacious goal than privatizing space. We want to privatize money. We want to enable every person on the planet with internet access to be their own bank and to spend their cash however they see fit. That’s a tall order, but if XPF can do it we can do it.

The Dash network can get X-Prize level results because we are almost perfectly positioned to offer a similar prize or series of prizes. We already have a prize committee in the form of MNOs and we already have an efficient and transparent method for distributing funds. We have the largest Treasury in the cryptoverse. All that’s needed is some clearly defined goals and a little organization and we can accomplish what no other cryptocurrency can.

So what specific goals will give us all a dash-powered future? I have some ideas you may find worthy of discussion, but others may have even better ones. Such ideas include:

-an intuitive and user-friendly wallet

-more and better on-ramps from the fiat economy. Think CoinBase on steroids

-online markets to rival (or integrate) Amazon

-peer to peer trade sites bigger than eBay

-content provider solutions from musicians to educators to video game designers and movie-makers

-prediction markets

-point of sale terminals

-capital asset markets (stocks, bonds, commodities and real estate)


-crowd funding and venture capital

It’s true we are already working in many of these areas, but we can do even better if we shift the risk to the solution providers like the XPF does and make prizes big enough to attract multiple competing teams. Dash already has a pretty good system. We don’t have to re-invent the wheel. All we have to do is focus on specific results and let the solution providers know what they are and when we expect them rather than who produces them and how they are produced.

There are other benefits. Prizes convey prestige on the winners, which in turn attracts more competitors in the future. Marketing for the prize(s) is also de facto marketing for our network and our native token. Press releases about the prize give us free publicity. Talent is diverted from competing crypto networks into ours. Perhaps most importantly, information about our prize-awarding procedure educates the public about the many benefits of masternode ownership and and holding dash.

Dash is already an innovative project in an innovative industry. If we continue that tradition of innovation by incorporating what already works for the XPF in a new way, we can change the world and reap financial gains as well. It’s worth considering.