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    Zpool Mining

    This is an exchange pool that automatically pays out the mBTC value of the coins being mined. This pool does allow payout of any mined coin but it is not direct solo mining of the coin. This can be a bit confusing at first, but gives a dead simple way to convert your hash power into BTC. Using a...
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    D3 mining

    As this is the first batch of the Antminer D3, there can be unexpected delays in shipment due to an unforeseen demand. 6. We advise you.NOTE: The price of mining machines has to be adjusted frequently in accordance with variables like the exchange rate, the network difficulty, or the expected...
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    Move your BTC to Dash or another useful currency.

    With bitcoin on a tear, Mira Kwon decided there’s more money to be made elsewhere. A little over a month ago, the University of Maryland economics graduate began pouring more than $2,000 into a different cryptocurrency called dash.
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    DASH Logo

    O&M will develop and propose a brand positioning for all future marketing communications.Starting from to the brand values and its positioning, they will redesign DASH's logotype.If you have any other questions, please direct them to @fernando in this Dash Forum post to ensure I see your request.
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    Is there a reason why mobile fee is expensive?

    The mobile fee they depend on which company mobile you want and mobile handset series.
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    Follow the example of Litecoin

    I agree with litecoin post.
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    Old Darkcoin-QT wallet recovery

    I think you can search on Google Old Darkcoin-QT wallet recovery information is available.
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    How is Core Team held accountable?

    Responsibility to the team means being responsible to teammates, to the are accountable to one another and to the core values of the team.
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    Issue with the format of the proposal system

    You can check on proposal system on Google so if any information search on Google.
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    InstantSend Questions

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  11. A Bitcoin,Perfect Money, Skrill, PayPal exchange

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  13. A Mumbai - any good ?

    I think Mumbai is good for blackarrowconferences
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    Los Angeles Dash Cryptocurrency Users

    Daniel Diaz is responsible for Dash cryptocurrency's business development.Third, it would have to provide features that are valuable to end users and.price, quote) company based in Los Angeles and Panama City that
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    DASH Wallet - outdated info

    So basically on one wallet on my PC it read it had 1.5 btc in it and I kept on trying to send it though shapeshifter for Dash see the search faq for details.Dash aims to be the most user-friendly cryptocurrency in the world.