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v0.11.1.x InstantX Testing

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Wow Evan!! First time had 100% and you're trying to fork it at same time. Had 11 locks out of 11 transmissions very close together :grin::grin::grin:

when you are resending a certain received InstantX input amount make sure it has the following :

- 6 POW confirmations (can be checked through coin control, input amounts, list mode)
- exclude 0.01 for the InstantX transaction fee

so if for example you received 50 tDRK through InstantX and it confirmed POW 6x you will need to select
through coin control 49.99 if you want to resend that exact same input amount with InstantX as it needs to add that 0.01 fee as well.
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***************************** Please update to 11.1.18 : InstantX Release *****************************

Feature request: include the InstantX (if selected) fee into the fee calculation on the "Send" page.

It's a bit annoying when you copy the amount _after_ fee into the "Amount" field and get the "...total exceeds your balance..." popup when the InstantX fee is added.
Version + protocol bump, but masternode again started automatically without "masternode start"
Is the "masternode start" needed only for cold.remote setup?

As I understand things, it's seeing it's older version cached masternode start from the network. Which is usually a temporary condition. Meaning it'll usually go offline after a while.
After a protocol bump, you should issue masternode stop/start to make sure your latest version is in the network cache.
Make sure you send the start from a matching protocol version local wallet!

Question from Mangled Blue, and now from me as well ;) :

So - I assume -->>>> - Version bump / protocol bump
This means that we'll need to make new wallet.dat file(s) and send all coins to updated wallet.dat file, upon mainnet release??

please inform, if in the know :)

No. The coins can stay put.
You only need issue a masternode start to updated remotes from an updated local wallet.

Did someone pull out their miners?

Adding back my 2M/s -- was offline for a bit.
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So I still have a weird issue where when I send an InstantX transaction it will show up as spendable/available on the receiving wallet after one confirmation, but in the transaction details, it will say "InstantX verification in progress, 13 of 20 signatures" and then eventually say "InstantX verification failed"

Why does it say it failed if it obviously worked?
Feature request: include the InstantX (if selected) fee into the fee calculation on the "Send" page.

It's a bit annoying when you copy the amount _after_ fee into the "Amount" field and get the "...total exceeds your balance..." popup when the InstantX fee is added.
This happens when dealing with very large amounts on 0.11.0.X on main net, too...

I decided to take the low to no payments timeframe to remix some coins, sending the blobs around resulted in incorrect fee calculations. This bug may not be solely IX, like the other...
I did a reindex+zapwallettxes, del peers.dat and after six confirmations I felt like didn't do the things right till now(IX+DS, 1000 tDRKs IX only looked fine), but when I tried to send from the receiving address got "Insufficient funds" msg. Transactions were already confirmed 7 times.
I decided to close the wallet and open it again, but when I did it, transactions were under confirmation (2/6) ..
I guess I'm just going to mix the coins I have so that tomorrow I can practice sending with DS and IX enabled. G'nite!
Ok, the 1 input bug seems better now, but not entirely gone.

bug #1 - When trying to IX, if you don't have 6 confirms on any give input, the QT will complain about "unmatching" fees.




Here it is again, but with the 1001 input from the faucet, though setting amount to 1000.99 did send IX successfully


And here again with another input, again conflicting change value and fees, but did send IX successfully.



I second/third that ^^^ Also, I'd still like to see something graphical or message saying a sent transaction was approved via IX on the SEND tab...
InstantX on mainnet is spectacular guys and almost everything seems to work so far and I know I'm repeating myself (from user Talon) but the crash bug system hang activated by choosing =>.1 in fee payments in the windows version is still active and does this:--


and this on in problem details when ending the program:-
Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: AppHangB1
Application Name: darkcoin.exe
Application Version:
Application Timestamp: 52cf3800
Hang Signature: bfdf
Hang Type: 0

Locale ID: 2057
Additional Hang Signature 1: bfdfa224e37d2743f3f9b1a7662b1cc4
Additional Hang Signature 2: 0b2e
Additional Hang Signature 3: 0b2e164a5e80e4e27181c3a755313bdc
Additional Hang Signature 4: bfdf
Additional Hang Signature 5: bfdfa224e37d2743f3f9b1a7662b1cc4
Additional Hang Signature 6: 0b2e
Additional Hang Signature 7: 0b2e164a5e80e4e27181c3a755313bdc

Hope this helps.
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