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Update on Major Exchange? Today Marks "Two Weeks"


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Could we possibly get an update on the major exchange integration? Daniel made this post https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/new-major-exchange-update.13971 on March 28, so today marks the end of the "two weeks." Technically he said "two weeks or so" but it'd be great to find out how this is going. Also, Daniel said that there would be several more biz dev integrations announced in the coming weeks. Any updates on those?

I know y'all are busy, but any information you could provide would be great! Thanks!
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Update from the Dash Nation Slack (thanks @itscrazybro):

ddink7 [8:25 AM]
@itscrazybro Do you have any updates on the major exchange that you are able to share with us? Daniel posted exactly two weeks ago today (March 28) that the major exchange integration would happen within the next "two weeks or so"...we're about to be in the "or so" territory. Thanks!

itscrazybro [3:12 PM]
@ddink7 No major hiccups, just little finishing touches such as fee clarifications etc.

ddink7 [3:13 PM]
@itscrazybro Now that the two week timeframe has almost expired, is there a revised timeframe when we can expect it to be launched?

itscrazybro [3:16 PM]
@ddink7 I think time frames are the very thing that are getting us in trouble. The time frame was still realistic, it did say 2 weeks or so. I don't want to make an official extension of that time frame. It should happen very soon, just please be patient. (edited)

ddink7 [3:18 PM]
@itscrazybro OK, it's just that two weeks ago everything was "almost ready" and today everything is still..."almost ready."

itscrazybro [3:20 PM]
@ddink7 Yes, I can understand that. A lot of what we were waiting on was the press release to be ready. You have to obtain quotes from both sides then write the article and get it approved by both parties. As of today that has been signed off on by both parties. (edited)

ddink7 [3:23 PM]
@itscrazybro I'm quite surprised that it took two weeks to get a press release written and approved, but thank you for the information. At least that's progress :smiley:

itscrazybro [3:24 PM]
@ddink7 That is what we have been waiting on recently, not for the last 2 weeks.

Anyway, the finishing touches are being ticked off the list so I doubt there will be much more of a wait.

ddink7 [3:26 PM]
@itscrazybro Apologies...I misunderstood re: the press release. That's great, I'm glad there's good progress! Thanks for the update

itscrazybro [3:27 PM]
@ddink7 No worries, please let others know as I cannot fill in everybody. I am going to get back to work now. Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:

ddink7 [3:28 PM]
Will do!

P.S. Public exchange and I was asked to update everybody, so I just copied and pasted to make sure I didn't accidentally misrepresent anything. Cheers!
I'm super happy about Kraken but why is instant send 0.01 dash, I thought it was now meant to be 0.001 dash?
I'm super happy about Kraken but why is instant send 0.01 dash, I thought it was now meant to be 0.001 dash?
One thing is network fees and another thing is the fees that exchanges charge for withdrawals. Nobody likes fees, but all businesses need to charge for their services or go bankrupt.
I'm super happy about Kraken but why is instant send 0.01 dash, I thought it was now meant to be 0.001 dash?
IS fee is 0.001 per input
They probably charge 10x to make sure all txes go through based on their stats of how many inputs they use on avg or smth like that + what @fernando said.
Anyway, having this option provided by a major player even at slightly higher price is better than not having it at all I guess :)
Just did a withdraw of DASH from Kraken using standard transaction for 0.005 Dash fee, went through really fast too so didn't need the higher fee for instant send...