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Treasury Proposals Trustee Senate (TPTS) - White Paper


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This is the work of many weeks and sleeples nights to build a democratic responsible watchsystem for our long discussed proposal system. This can prevent fraud in its earliest stages with no costs and no corruption.

Please read it and discuss it.


We would love to get a few DASH Donations for this noble matter, because we do not have the 5 DASH right now for the DASH Central Proposal. Better would be, that someone other can make the proposal if one likes it. :)
Proposal Evaluation Committee

Hi Simon.
This is a bit weird. Have to ask since the PEC promised to evaluate all Pre-Proposals.
For those who don't know whats going on: Both Simon and myself have the same aims, juts different methods of getting there.
Since it looks like we might be putting in proposals at the same time it's an obvious conflict of interest, but I have to ask... below.
If you agree it will be really weird. Maybe you can do a counter evaluation? LOL
If you don't, we'll just list your proposal as:
"Could not evaluate - Conflict of interest - MNO's must decide themselves" Hope that's OK?

Here goes:
As you know Dash is growing every day.
To deal with the increased number of proposal, a Proposal Evaluation Committee (PEC) has been created. This work is being done by volunteers (mostly Master Node Owners themselves).

We would like to know if you are planning to submit your proposal officially, i.e. Pay the 5 Dash to submit your Proposal?
If so, do you want the PEC (Proposal Evaluation Committee) to assist you in preparing your Pre-Proposal?

The Dash Network actually have had a Dash Project Proposal Template for a number of years and we try to get the pre-proposal owner to read and stick to it, as it includes every useful information for a MNO (Masternode Owner) to take an informed decision before voting on whether to pass your proposal or not.

If you have not done this yet, please read: How to submit a Dash Pre-Proposal https://goo.gl/7jmwXQ
As you adjust your Pre-Proposal to our feedback, the evaluation is adjusted and this may be done a number of times (up to 4 or more).
Each time the chance of your Proposal being accepted by the MNO’s will increase.
If you want to know who will be doing the Evaluations – see here: Official PEC Pre-P https://goo.gl/qrbeXK

The evaluations also have another function:
To give the MNO’s and community a Prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals. This list will save the MNO’s and everyone else time and increase the chance of your proposal gaining votes. It will also prevent your proposal from getting lost amongst the horde or prevent it from not being read, because it’s too long or non-conforming.

Whether you accept our help or not: we will be doing Reports on all Pre-Proposals near the end of the cycle to prepare the Prioritized List of Evaluated Proposals.

If you do want to use our services (note this is a free service)
1. Please Private Message @Biltong on the Dash Pre + Budget Proposal Discussions Forum indicating that you want the help of the PEC, so we can assign a team to you.
2. Once you have read How to submit a Dash Pre-Proposal https://goo.gl/7jmwXQ you might want to adjust your Pre-Proposal before we submit our 1st Evaluation, so we’ll wait for you to give us the go-ahead before we start the evaluation process.
3. Again, PM @Biltong when you are ready for the 1st Evaluation.
4. Please note that we do not have that much time to give you feedback via the Evaluations. The final report has to be in 3 days before end of cycle and you have to have your last adjustments in 5 days before end of cycle : i.e.: Last Adjustments: 28 June.
5. We hope to receive at least 4 updates from you (if necessary) and provide you with the same number of Evaluation/Report feedbacks, but it does mean you and us will have to start asap.
6. To adjust your Pre-Proposal for the 1st evaluation will be a time consuming (+- 2 hours of work), but believe me it will be well worth your time if you are serious about getting your Proposal passed.

Good luck with your Proposal!
Update of my Idea:

Help me out man. I have to re read the entire thing and then try to remeber the original so that I can figure out what you have changed?

Looks like the colateral and penalty are gone, and a $50 payment for service has been added. Is that it?
There were several changes to fit the whole in a incentive system instead of a full penalty system. But the important part is that with the two managed masternode shares per senator, thats right ^^