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Hi mate 10 dollars is too much per person we should give like $2-3 check the SMS otp verification based marketing one I proposed


Also 3000 USD is too small for people to think of

Okey i'll change the price to 5 dollar for the first 25 persone who'll do the giveaway , and i'll do 3 giveaways in one week , and i'll work for one month so totaly it's 12 giveaways in one month = 1500 dollars for 12 giveaways
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Hi Salim

I am trying to organize a Dash community in Africa. We are all working on the same sort of things, in our own countries, so why not work together? We can share resources and ideas. If an idea gets funded, we could all benefit.

It would be great to have somebody in Morocco on-board. If you'd like to join Dash Africa, all that I need is some content to post about you and your work. Some blog posts, or videos, or anything else that you've done recently.

Welcome to Dash Africa!
Do you know that it costs money to submit a proposal? I don't think that you're ready for that yet. You should get to know the community before you try. But there is something else that you could do.

You can organise a meet-up, with some friends or at a local business. You can give them each $10, and you will be paid.
See here:
I received 3 Dash for my efforts. You could do similar.

The most important thing, I think, is that you need to show the community what you are doing. Via photos or blog posts or videos.