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RC5 Launching September 22nd


Core Developer
RC5 - Spork Ahead!

Development has been moving along consistently and we’re almost ready to launch. We’re going to be launching RC5 on the 22nd (Next Monday).

Instant Transactions

We’re working on a paper describing the instant transaction system, expect that on Friday. We’ll also have more announcements and very detailed development update coming later this week.

What's included and what's the plan?

RC5 has a basic version of enforcement built into it that when activated will guarantee masternode payments are present in a block. So far, testing has proven the code is working and we're in the process of working out some of the final issues with it. The code is very simple and when activated the network will simply reject blocks from pools that have not updated.

Open Source

Darksend will be open sourced one week after RC5 has been released, September 29th. This will allow updates if needed before the code is released.

What's Next?

Darksend is working really nicely with no pressing issues presently. I would like to take some time and implement the Instant Transaction system immediately following release or RC5.

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Any more details? I fear with no open source this just puts things back to a further date with some new additions here and there right?
Seeing the first instant transactions on a bitcoin based protocol is an amazing feat of innovation coming from any coin.
And its the Darkcoin team of all altcoins. Very exciting times with the spork ahead. Good luck fellas!
Agreed - very important!!!

I think is very important as I have said in my previous posts is having a press release ready for RC5 launch and Open Source

Evan, I remember you had written a press release for when bitfinex added DRK - we need something similar.

This is the time we need the marketing to go into overdrive as it will aid in the adoption of the coin early on immensely.