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RC4 Launch

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Core Developer
Hello Everyone,

We're happy to announce that RC4 is now available for download.

This update includes a complete rewrite of the Darksend protocol, which vastly improves transaction privacy and removes the 10 DRK limit for Darksend transactions.

Please read this statement carefully as there are some new features in the RC4 wallet GUI that you need to know about before using it. Links to binaries and source are included at the end.

Information about changes to the functionality of Darksend in RC4 can be found here:

Changes to the RC4 GUI

Main wallet screen:
The main wallet screen now shows the amount of anonymized Darkcoin the user has available to send. There is no longer an artificial limit on the number of coins that can be sent in a single Darksend transaction.


Transactions screen:

The Transactions screen now lists each Darksend round as “Darksend Denominate”. This indicates to users that their money has been mixed with DRK from other users on the network, then converted to denominated amounts. Each Darksend round has an associated cost (paid to the network) of 0.001DRK.


Send screen:

On the Send screen, users may now select from one of three send modes: “Use Anonymous Funds”, “Use Non-Anonymous Funds” or “No Preference”. The balance at the bottom reflects the number of coins the user has available to send in the mode they have selected.


“Use Anonymous Funds”
  • This mode enables our Darksend technology, affording an extremely high degree of transaction anonymity. We recommend that users select this option unless they have a specific reason not to.
“Use Non-Anonymous Funds”

  • This mode offers no transaction anonymity - merely pseudonymity - though there may be certain situations where that is desirable. The wallet addresses of both sender and recipient will be listed on the blockchain for all to see, along with all other details of the transaction.
“No Preference”
  • This mode is available to users, but they should be aware that in certain circumstances it has the potential to unmask both their current and prior transactions, no matter how old the prior transactions, even if the prior transactions were made with anonymous funds. We strongly urge users to avoid using the “No Preference” option unless they have a very specific reason to do so and know exactly what they are doing. This option can also interrupt the darksend process by sending funds that are currently not finished anonymizing.
Options menu:
In the client’s Options menu (“Settings” pull-down -> “Options…”), users can configure basic Darksend settings, such as the number of Darksend mixing rounds they want their Darkcoins to go through as well as a particular amount of their available funds to keep anonymized.


The minimum number of Darksend rounds is 1, the maximum is 8. Higher numbers of mixing rounds take significantly longer to process, but provide a higher degree of privacy and security. Each block on the Darkcoin network takes 2.5 minutes to process, and one mixing round is executed every block. So mixing at a depth of 2 rounds will take 2.5 minutes x 2 mixing rounds = 5 minutes. 3 rounds will take 2.5 x 3 = 7.5 minutes, and so on.

RC4 Daemon Users

Darksend is disabled by default when the software is running as a daemon. We suggest that exchanges, pools, and other daemon users leave Darksend disabled. To enable Darksend, simply execute the daemon with -enabledaemondarksend=1 flag.

Masternode Operators

Pools running the RC4 client will only make payments to Masternodes which are also running the RC4 client. This means that as more pools update to RC4, Masternodes still running the RC3 client will see their payments decrease in both amount and frequency. In order to continue receiving payments, Masternode operators should update their clients to RC4 as soon as possible.

Release notes:

****** PLEASE UPDATE TO v9.12.31 (Stable) OR 10.12.31 (RC) *******

Source: Compile if you are running a pool, exchange, etc.


9.12.31 (Stable) Binaries: Does not include Darksend

Windows.exe: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...in-binaries/master/darkcoin-
Windows installer: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...ies/master/darkcoin-
Mac OSX: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...in-binaries/master/darkcoin-
Linux: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...naries/master/darkcoin-

10.12.31 (RC) Binaries: Includes Darksend - Masternode Operators

Windows .exe: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...inaries/master/rc/darkcoin-
Mac OSX: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...inaries/master/rc/darkcoin-
Linux: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/d...es/master/rc/darkcoin-

A huge thanks goes out to all of the users that helped us perfect this release on testnet. There were countless users who sent wallets and debug logs which helped the debug process tremendously. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.


The Darkcoin Team
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Awesome, maybe feels a bit rushed but if you are happy with the way it works then I accept that.

By the way the linux link for MN binary does not seem to work, gives a 404 not found.
Tx Dev Team
and everybody involved in the TestNet !!
Well Well Done, you guys rule !
Can not wait to try it out ….>>

I seem to be having trouble finding the windows wallet. Is there one released yet?

Also on Darkcoin.io the latest releases for wallet downloads are RC3. Should change that soon people might get confused.

Great work Evan, Ape, Flare, El Presidente, Tante, everyone for this!! I can't wait to start using it!!
NO RC4 wallets on Darkcoin.io
can somebody please change/ update that soonest ?!?!
Well done Evan and team !! , Altough I wasn't technical enough to assist I tried to follow the hard work and enjoyed.
Great news!! Thanks to everyone involved in testing. I have been travelling a lot recently and was not involved, but I was amazed about how much great work was being done just by following the thread.
This is a perfect timing. Just when Bitcoin is struggling because of the privacy related issues, Darkcoin is offering the much needed solution for the market.
Are you talking about any particular struggle? if so, I would love the link :)
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