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RC4 Compliant Mining Pools vs Non-Complying

true, but till enforcment will not go live we need to convince them to update...dont know if it help but we need ot do something; )

EDIT: I was lucky today, was chosen 9 times LOL but 5 of them not paid uffff

Another success
good actors +1

jamesl22 (admin)
Ok, the upgrade is complete

x11greenpooltk http://x11.greenpool.tk/ 253 44 17.39 0.00 20% RC4 5
Ok this is turning in the wrong direction, we lost 15% and dropped down to only 60% compliant pools (RC4 + paying 20%).

Can someone find out who are the new major non-compliant players Xq6zL12YADqwJTg7DV6V3Z2cW4hF66LFRc and Xto1vYMRbP4uDz31VMBgfkPQwynotrikq6 ?

Vertoe I have no IT skills who are these solo mining players?