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R-Ando: My 22 last posts written on Darkcoin ANN have just been deleted by moderators

I have email confirmation of all the deletions, they all took place today.
me too
i had 20 deleted
mainly + 1
and a couple related to Atlas LTC rant
Unbelievable. Haha, sorry to hear you had the same thing happen to you tungfa, I think I'll only post on Darkcoin talk from now on.
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i might just repost everything to see if they kick me off .... haaa
i give it a shot later when i am back at the computers
I've never checked if they have deleted anything, but for what people say, lately they are going crazy... Fortunately, for important things we have Darkcointalk!
Reposted !

Dam it feels good !
Experiment : Restore Freedom of Speech
just went live on btxtalk ! ..... haaaa ....>>