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[prepoposal] Dash Debit Card ready by Mid-April

Shall we release the DASH debit card within 3 weeks?

  • Yes

  • No

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Wow, that is something really awesome.
So if I got it right, anybody will have an ability to fund our debit card with crypto only and when we want to buy something it automatically is exchanged into whatever fiat currency we live in, is it correct?

So if I live in Ukraine, and our local currency here hryvnias, I won't have to worry about conversion Dash into USD/Euro and then into hryvnia. It will be just straight Dash into hryvnia, right?

And what about fees, how were you able to remove all of them? Just curious.

If I understand everything tight, this is something extraordinary and I already want to order this card :)

Yes correct. You can already try it with Bitcoin and Dash would follow mid-April.
I'm sorry but I'm calling you out. You're a kitesurfer that had supposedly retired by the age of 30. You like your little motivational talks and you like your MLM. Your latest get-rich-quick-scam is blockchain and you're such an incredibility accomplished person, I have no idea how you fit it all in. Not least because you're fast to grab other people's money without using your own. In short, you're a con artist:


Thanx for doing all this research. Your point being?

I was a professional surfer for 10 years.
I studied medicine and worked as a surgeon.
Got with a company that was a scam, but declared that publicly and learned my lesson. So, you haven't made any mistakes - ever?
I wrote a book about all that, mistakes, lessons learned, etc., which got to Nr. 1 and I do lots of speaking. Whether you like that or not, is ok.
We started TenX as OneBit 2 years ago, but rebranded due to the OneCoin scam. A lesson I learned years ago, as you know by know.

If you believe our system does not work, just try it out. If you believe you should attack me personal, keep going, I am fine with that. Instead, you should stop being a troll and actually try our app, so you see it works.

We would love to integrate everything, but we are still a small team and even though 1M sounds a lot, if you run a company you know it will be gone fast. Our roadmap to COMIT is clear, so if you want a debit card with no fees from no third party, you should support us, if not, then use the other offers with high fees and no usability.
It all sounds really good to be honest... The thing that I think people here want to understand is how you guys make your cut out of this? We've all got to make a bit of money and that's all good, but 0% fees sounds too good to be true.. ;)



Hey Walter,

we actually do not have to outsource the card like other providers do. We work directly with a franchise here in Singapore, where we get the cards. So we actually make the cut from there. The merchant pays for it. Does that make sense?
Calling someone a con artist is a serious accusation. I took a quick look at the links you referenced and didn't find anything sufficient to make such accusations. I also get bored easily and I like motivational speakers - many leaders and entrepreneurs have those traits. What specific evidence do you have to back up your accusations?

I agree that proper vetting should be done before supporting any proposals, but we should also not jump to conclusions nor throw out accusations just because we are not fond of someone's personal interests or leadership style. We should be able to judge the proposal based in the merits of the cards they have already delivered to the market, and if there is more info we need about their organization we can request it.

Let me know if I am missing the "smoking gun" that lead you to make such accusations.

@Dr. Julian Hosp your proposal looks very delicious ;)
Are you willing to do the three months proposal for 100 dash each instead of 300 coins in one hit?
You might bring the product live and get the trust of the users and MN owners into funding it till the end.

Is it possible to have DASH logo on the card?

We cannot DASH brand the card, as it should work for other cryptocurrencies as well.
We can have everything ready by mid-april, so no need for 3 months. If you have a proper proposal on how we have an escrow, where we deliver and we get the 300 Dash, then we are fine with that.
I sense a lot of "artificial gravity" sucking or trying to suck us off into a realm of meaningless tangents.

All that really matters here is that we're being asked to invest 300 Dash to add Dash to a credit card in the short term.

Will we get this Dash back any time soon - in other words, is it worth it to get Dash added now and not 6-9 months later? Probably yes, as 300 Dash seems to be a reasonable cost compared with previous projects. Also, action in this realm sooner rather than later will give another "use" for Dash - and will help people new to Dash see activity - meaningful activity - and thus people might see more "value" for Dash in general (i.e. it really is moving toward real use, toward implementation - here is another company using it - might actually help get other companies to see the light and actually use Dash).

Is there any potential negative fallout or blowback? Probably not. These people seem to have a track record. They seem to be credible. They seem to be good at this. Emotional blowback is tangential - don't get suckered away by that false gravity. If you see some real or actual potential blowback here, please state it.

Really, the question is: is it worth 300 Dash to have some action or use for Dash (a new company offering a way to actually use Dash to buy things) within a few weeks, rather than waiting 6-9 months?

For me, the main negative is this: if this company is "bluffing" us then we're wasting 300 Dash. By "bluffing" I mean the possibility that they're going to add Dash to their credit card much sooner than the 6-9 months they're saying, but they're trying us out for now to see if we'll pay for it or not. It cost them 5 Dash, however, to do this - so it's not a "cheap bluff" if indeed it is one. Even if it is a bluff, if we get more than 300 Dash value for the Dash Community as a whole by agreeing and having Dash added to their card very quickly, it doesn't really matter if we're being "used" - because we are still winning. As long as a short term addition of Dash to this card somehow "pays us back" by overall improving Dash's image (as usable now or soon rather than later, perhaps), then it's a win-win situation for us. In that case it doesn't really matter if they were bluffing and "using" us, because either way we still win. Well, it would be an "emotional butt-hurt issue" for some, to have not guessed the bluff correctly - but that only matters over in the tangential world of false-gravity. Not here in reality.

Why would we bluff? For 300 Dash? Nope.
Dash just has not been on our roadmap in the entire budget. Would Dash get incorporated at some point? YES. Just NOT now, but rather in a year's time. Our focus is on COMIT right now, which would decentralize everything.
This reeks of scam to me. How come the "honorable" "Dr." is shadowbanned on Reddit? I stumbled upon this automatically removed post just a few minutes ago which is what originally led me to this thread in the first place.

For someone trying to maintain professionalism this looks really really bad.

Amount to that the points brought up by others, it's needless to say I will vote no on any proposal from that entity.

This was not done by me, but by a mod - maybe some mod can testify that.
The proposal sounds interesting, but voting for it would be so much easier if we just could have binding contracts or an escrow arrangement instead of just handing over a bag of money and hoping for the best.
Not only for this particular proposal but all those dealing with companies (non-community proposals). Paying companies upfront is not a very common practice.

Would love to look into that if you have a good idea. We have no problem with that.
Well, you guys have done some good digging. This doesn't bode well. Thank you.

Bummer too, as I thought my long winded support for such projects was well written, LOL

Please do proper research and you will see that everything we say we will do, is actually what we do. Our app works. You can use it already.
How do scammers work? They offer something that looks too good to be true, and they apply a time limit to try and get a poorly made snap decision. There is no way I would trust this guy. There's nothing in his life that he didn't eventually get bored of. He just talks the talk and pads it all out.
We owe it to ourselves to do more research on these people, and proposals in general.

How do trolls and haters work?

They try to downtalk everything, criticise everything, bash everything, destroy everything...

Because they feel they are missing out. MIssing out because they do not get the reward. Missing out because they think they are not good enough. So they prefer to destroy others rather than understand that the people they try to attack would actually help to make their life better.

You have tried everything so far: Tried to attack our company, tried to attack me personally, tried to attack anything you can... Why do you do this? You think to protect yourself, right?! But actually, you are hurting yourself. You have done all this research and come up with NOTHING, because deep inside you know we are legit. That is why you haven't even tried our app. You haven't even downloaded it, true?! I know, because your goal is NOT to help the community, your goal is to hurt others. Fair enough.

Look, you have 2 options:
1. Give us a fair chance and see that we can help the entire Dash community.
2. Or keep acting in your trollish, haterish manner and hurt this wonderful group.

Your choice - you got nothing to lose and everything to win!
Fun fact:

The Tenx CEO and COO are listed as designer/dev and architect at a Tokyo-based company developing web & app devs:
aweandfunction (dot) com.

Also, the tenx-url was registered on 14/1/2017,

Edit: looks like they rebranded from getonebit (dot) com to tenx. This would explian the very recent registration.
Cointelegraph had an article on them in 2015 (with Charlie Shrem reference :)): cointelegraph (dot) com/news/onebit-pay-with-bitcoin-using-nfc-at-any-credit-card-accepting-merchant.

Correct, this was due to the OneCoin scam that we do NOT want to be associated with.
I'm trying to understand how this business could be created since January 2017, when their domain, tenx.tech was bought. It seems their cc works, according to @akhavr
Opaaa ... virtual card working perfectly for online purchases here in brasil, i'm really liking .. i expect to see integrated dash in the system

@TanteStefana @Walter @studioz @AjM @Ron @splawik21 Please try it out yourself and see what we could do for DASH.

I can understand people being suspicious but if you punish the community by not actually looking into it and trying it out, then you are making a mistake. If you do and then still believe we cannot deliver, then fair enough.

If you do not believe our business model, then this is because ALL THE OTHER CARD OFFERS use 3rd party. None of them actually do it themselves. We have done our homework for 1.5 years to get to this stage.

That is why we can offer the cards for that price.
That is why we do not charge fees.
And that is why we are 100% committed to crypto.

We will make the proposal today and after talking 1:1 to some of you here, we decided to go for 3x 100 DASH over 3 months, so you see that everything will get implented and we all have time to improve the product following your feedback. We will still commit on having DASH integrated in April, even though we don't get paid fully until months after.
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