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pre-proposal: let MNOs determine proposal fee



I've read a bit about reducing the proposal fee (PF) to 1 Dash.

I think, that is is an arbitrary value, so I've thought about alternatives. Here the result:

- 1 Dash: arbitrary value
- 5 Dash: arbitrary value
- indexed to US-Dollar: complicated and the value of the Dollar changes too
- indexed to hashrate (so more or less to price of electricity): easy, but still an arbitrary value

My proposal: let the MNOs determine it directly.

- at any time, an MNO can adjust his value for the PF (just as his IP-address)
- once per month, the PF is calculated as the average of all submitted values
- if there is no value (no MNO submits any value), there would be a fallback value, e.g. 1 Dash (this should never happen)

- at any time, the value would be adjusted to the real needs
- those, who are concerned about the value (the MNOs), decide about it

I can not develop it. It would be great, if a coder would show up here with his estimate of costs.

TIA for any coder, who would like to do that!

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"Adaptive Proposal Fees", were rejected by the 2014-2017 Dash generation due to the voting system (the proposal was accepted by the majority 458 Yes / 393 No / 74 Abstain)

Most of the voters who voted back then left the dash community.

Now we have 2021, so things may be different.

Put the year in the First_Transact filter, in order to discover (approximatelly) the current distribution of generations:
2014 generation: 5 individuals, they hold 223 votes
2015 generation: 5 individuals, they hold 45 votes

2016 generation: 5 individuals, they hold 90+1 votes
2017 generation: 45 individuals, they hold 361 votes
2018 generation: 30 individuals, they hold 170 votes
2019 generation: 30 individuals, they hold 274 votes
2020 generation: 18 individuals, they hold 60 votes
2021 generation: 16 individuals, they hold 84 votes
Poor @GrandMasterDash , your 2015 generation is currently the tiniest one! Too many people
died, a plague maybe? :D


By the way, this 2014 generation 112whale who voted in favor of lamassu, didnt vote in favor of the recent proposal in order to reduce the proposal fee to 1 dash. If you search the current masternode IDs of this 112whale, he/she keeps some MNIDs he used to have back then, when he casted his destructive votes in favor of lamassu.

I wonder , will someday the Dash community be brave enough to force the whales to pay for their destructive votes ?

Thunderdome@DashDiscord said:
How much did we fund Alt36 for?

Don't ask.

We don't know yet if biz dev funds were used to promote them or pay to support things like conference Dash media kits, etc.

Dash was used, but not DCG's... AFAIK
There was a lawsuit as far as I'm aware, but it was between the Duffields and Alt36

what were the details of the lawsuit? What was alleged?

I'm only privy to certain info, but AFAIK it was Evan's father against Alt36 for some business loans that went sour
but that was a few years ago now, so I don't know what happened in the end

All went to conference travels, suites, good food & wine and looking good on IG?

Yeah from what I remember the Duffields backed out... Alt36 filed suit... Duffields filed counter-suit
it was a big mess

Geez all this would sure make for an interesting DASH Documentary.

The documentary itself would

So much money was lost from the treasury on things that never came to fruition/completion! You live, you learn (hopefully!)
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I guess, that the problem was, that there was nobody saying: "Here I am, I can do it in 2 months for 50 Dash." (for example)
This is not a problem, for those who think and vote rationaly.

When the parliement decides something ,they first decide it, then they implement it.

The rational is we first decide something , then after the decision is made, we search, find and pay people to implement our decision.

This also creates competition among the developers. Because when the developers know that something has been decided, they have the incentive to start building it. And because probably many developers are doing the same, they also offer a better price, for the benefit of the Dash community.

All the above are valid for rational beings of course. The Dash masternodes are stupid and irrational, most of them. Or they are government's agents, whose goal is to destroy Dash's governance by casting stupid and irrational votes. At least this was happening until now. But recently things go better for Dash, and rational decisions are beeing made.
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