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(Pre-Proposal) Buy & Sell from within ALL DASH WALLETS

Which wallets will be first to allow native BUY/SELL for Dash?

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I love my current dash mobile wallet.

I hope it is separate wallet app like coinbase app. and I think the fees

to develop the app should be funded from proposal not the users.
You didnt answer to my question. Suppose we manage to go to a distant ATM, disguised, and we anonymously put some cash into your bank account in order to buy a cryptocurrency.
What guarantees us that you will not deny that we put the money?

Trading is always risky . no body or no procedure can take the away the risk 100% if you want to earn dash in pretty anonymous way ( not 100% ) mining is the best option

cash in mail is pretty kick ass , or just do in a in person cash-to-hand trade
Buy-Sell Dash directly within the WALLET

Manually vote YES on this proposal (DashCore - Tools - Debugconsole):
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After speaking with many Dash community members on the importance of this ecosystem development, I am excited to announce this pre-proposal. I’m excited to announce that in the near future, everyone who downloads a Dash wallet for the first time will also be able to buy their very first Dash!


We will help DASH OVERCOME Bitcoin's Market Cap, and we will do this by solving one of the biggest problems with wallets. No matter who you are, the easiest way for you, your friends, or your family members to get into Dash is to simply download a wallet. After that wonderful moment is where the newbie realizes, “...how do I get Dash?” Believe it or not, this is the biggest encumbrance to mass adoption. The excitement ends and things go downhill from there. That will be history.

We want to bring the Wall of Coins buying and selling experience directly into Dash wallets, while also providing these Dash wallets a revenue opportunity and incentive to make their Dash wallets better. Currently, wallet developers can only rely on donations to support their work.

We will develop a DASH buy/sell wizard for 4 Dash wallet apps. You choose the wallets that you want us to pursue! We will work closely with the wallet developers and take their direction on the user interface, branding, and feel. We all understand the main concerns of integration, and I’d like to address a few of the most common concerns wallet developers have here:

  1. “We do not have enough time to develop this!” Our developers will do it for the wallets, do it at their direction, and conduct all necessary testing for a successful launch.

  2. “We have a reputation to match for good design, and we do not want to clutter up our UI.” We will work together to come up with a flow that matches the experience you envision for wallet users!

  3. “But then our users have to create yet another service account. This is annoying!” ...not with Wall of Coins! :) Our API solves this issue, allowing the wallet to host “user-less” accounts.

  4. “What about legal? What about customer support?” You remain a non-custodial wallet, allowing you to stick to just the wallet business. Furthermore, we cover customer support entirely, and are constantly growing our support team. In the last 2 months, the size of our support team has doubled.
What's in it for Wallets?
  • Wallets can give their users access to Dash within 15 minutes from purchase.
  • Acquiring Dash is simplified. Users do not have to copy/paste Dash wallet addresses.
  • Wallets are paid 20-40% of any fees collected, thus empowering wallets to develop and further improve their wallet.
  • Users can buy and sell Dash within 21 countries now and more countries added every week: United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, and Spain.
  • Wallet moderators will finally have useful data for research purposes on wallet usage. Without jeopardizing user privacy, wallet providers can see information pertaining to Dash demand needs by region, how much Dash is purchased and sold, how often, etc. This data is highly useful for understanding user behavior regarding signup and first use.

We will limit the development time for each wallet to be 200 man hours. From experience, we know that this gives us ample time to also coordinate with the wallet app developers on an integration experience that they see fit for their users, as well as abiding by their desired UI/UX flow.

Which Wallets:
The wallets will be decided in a public forum poll posted at Dash.org’s forums, authored by this post’s author. The post will cite this post and vice versa.

We will release, maintain, and publish an open-source version of this wallet that allows everyone to "participate together".

This way, everyone with a Dash wallet can find better utility: find a place nearby to acquire more DASH or liquidate the DASH as necessary. Easy, direct access to DASH is in the palm of your hand, and just a short walk nearby!

Open-Source Opportunity:
Due to the open-source nature of all wallets, the wallets will also serve as an example to each other and other upcoming wallets. I believe this will stimulate more co-operation and allow other developers to dream up creative use cases to further serve the Dash community. All wallets are incentivized to provide their users with a fiat gateway!

Creating an open source app for people in the future to easily supply their end users with coins and we will "systematize this on-board process". This open-source opportunity will help users of DASH Evolution in the future. Let’s think ahead for DASH’s future growth!

  • ~282.68 DASH: Budget $5,800 per wallet on 4 wallets ($82 per DASH).
  • Max 200 man hours per wallet. This includes mock-ups, business development, implementation, quality assurance testing, and deployment.
  • Weekly status updates: Albert Arellanes or myself (Robert Genito) will provide these updates to the community forum. These will be every Thursday.
Community members, masternode owners, miners, wallet developers...I welcome all of your questions, suggestions, and input!

How would this work?
Visit https://wallofcoins.com to see a live demonstration of how you can Buy Dash or Sell Dash directly from a wallet. Of course, you will see what it is like from the website; however, the features will be very similar for the wallet app!

Here's our prior video before Wall of Coins supported Dash on the site:

voted yes
Instead of putting feature on jaxx wallet, why don't we come up with

wallet that has multiple functions(such as merchant map and buy dash)?

Jaxx wallet doesn't have good ratings anyway.(I think it looks ugly first of all)

Also it is for all cryptos. Dash have budget so why don't we differentiate?

Mobile wallet is the biggest factor for users.
Yes I was also looking for an update @rgenito or @HashEngineering
It was translating joel valenzuela post https://www.dashforcenews.com/buy-dash-peer-peer/ that I realized that we hadn't any update :). Anyways this shows how important the work DashForce is doing towards tracking proposals. If not the usual "I'm sure that somebody at least in the community is keeping an eye on that proposal" is the thinking of all of us and there are no tracking whatsoever :)

Anyways, keep up the good tracking work !