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(Pre-Proposal) Buy & Sell from within ALL DASH WALLETS

Which wallets will be first to allow native BUY/SELL for Dash?

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"After that wonderful moment is where the newbie realizes, “...how do I get Dash?” Believe it or not, this is the biggest encumbrance to mass adoption. The excitement ends and things go downhill from there. That will be history"

Will Evolution solve this problem?
I like your idea, as the more options are available, the better!
Happy Monday Everyone!

I completely spaced on Friday and did not post, I apologies!

We have the full approval of 2 of the voted upon wallets, and we are creating the mockups and will have all of that approved for both wallets by sometime this week. Development and announcements will begin by this week!

Good Day Dash Nation!

So what is going with the integration you might ask? Well, some exciting stuff!
  • We are finishing up the mock ups for the two wallets!
  • We will be issuing a press release with the partner we are working with first! Both parties are excited about the integration and look forward to sharing more information with EVERYONE!
Thank you very much for your patients with the updates!

I hope to have all future updates to come out more smoothly!

We are presenting the 2 confirmed wallets the mock ups this week.
Once we have approval for the mock ups we will make an official announcement of our partnerships!

We Demonstrated Mock ups to 2 Wallets and are working on some of the suggestions that they made durning the demonstration and are looking to do a follow up demonstration in the near future! We are still waiting a bit for an Official announcement with one of the wallets but right now we are Continuing to work hard on the Hash Engineering Solutions - Dash Wallet for Android Devices!
More options is better. I will likely vote yes (after further study), so don't take this the wrong way.

I initially thought I could just buy Dash right from the wallet. Wow, Awesome!

Except, not really. It just connects me to Wall of Coins, and then I have to arrange a transaction with another person, and probably go to their bank.
@solarguy, Thank you very much for commenting and sharing your thoughts! This proposal was passed by the Dash Community several weeks ago.

We are working hard with a couple wallets to make buying Dash with paper money a reality!

The original screenshots that were posted with this proposal were just an example and are not what the end project entails. The WallofCoins Technology team is working hard to make the integration as smooth as possible with all implement 100% approved by the Wallet Creators!

WallofCoins is working on putting everything together with the integration! We will begin development for Hash Engineering's Wallet soon!

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read the updates!

WallofCoins is beginning the development for the Hash Engineering's Wallet! We hope to have a hands on demonstration review ready ASAP for the Hash Engineering team soon!
I just jumped over that and I am a bit confused. I also saw a similar proposal where someone is collecting funds for a fiat gateway. The exchange is charging fees. Why are you not paying for the integration yourself. You have the cash since you make money on the exchange. Why are you charging the Community for an Integration of your own commercial Service.

We are Building an exchange to buy dash with CC. Should I know start a proposal to bill the Community for integration of my Commercial Service? Doesnt really make sense to me (and I am not saying that as a competetor).

The WallofCoins Devs are working diligently on the integration with the Hash Engineering Solutions - Dash Wallet! We hope to present some changes VERY soon :) Hope to update everyone on Hash Engineerings option once we present to them!

We are hard at work wrapping up the 1st wallet integration. We are looking to wrap up this Project ASAP! We have an emergency need for an android developer to finish the hash engineering development They can inquire to Jobs at Wallofcoins.com

(Make sure at is @)
Integrations do not help us. Understand that if we want integrations like this, we must build a system to allow integrations to be added by any user to our wallet. for their own profit they can add themselves. Which I believe is what core is working on with the marketplace. So no, Wall of coins is a business and will end up profiting from this deal without building up our system.

Also know that if wall of coins is integrated and one day rips off customers, users will not support our wallet. Not a good idea to support a third party that needs trusted.
Screenshot_20170808-235640.png Screenshot_20170808-235349.png Screenshot_20170808-235119.png Screenshot_20170808-235035.png I have includes some screen prints (click on the thumbnail to see them) that Robert sent me about the new workflow for the Dash Android wallet. For more info see https://www.dashforcenews.com/buy-sell-dash-directly-within-wallet-proposal-review/
Not bad. Is it deliberate that the dash logo is not blue in one of the screenshots? Also, it feels a little technical. For example I have no idea what an OTP is.