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  • Hi Aarlleanes, just wanted to make sure if I am listing our newly onboarded merchants correct for Discover Dash. 2 more listing are still missing: 2nd branch Lim Laong Ow and Quaint Bangkok. Thanx for letting me know.
    DM me on Discord, @AlbertArellanesiii
    Hy Albert have been trying to submit my first meetup but i keep on getting is a spam i should contact administrator please can you help
    Please rewrite your first meetup and submit
    You are either submitting a link or URL in your post. If you are a new member to the forum you will need to build a small reputation. You must gain 3 reputation points (i think) before you can submit any links or photos. Contact me on Discord if any other issues persist. I am in Dash Talk
    hello aarellanes, i want to hold meetups and couldn't find you in discord. please tell how we can start holding meetups in Tehran?
    Hello Aarellanes, hope all is going well! This is Ernesto writing from DCG, I wanted to ask you a few questions regarding the meetup program you've led here! (Congrats on it) What is the best way to reach you directly?
    Thanks for your time!
    Hello Mr. Aarellanes, I am Lemuel from Nigeria. I have been having problem(s) uploading my July meet up which I incessantly complained about. I am aware you are acquainted with 'rotc' from Nigeria?
    I have removed the links, confirmed my email and done all the necessary procedures to be undertaken.
    Kindly look into my case with astute meticulosity.
    Hello Mr. Aarellanes,
    I am Kevin from Germany and interested in a meetup in Leverkusen.
    What I have to do before ?
    Is it enough to announce the meeting here in the forum, and then sharing the selfie pictures and transaction photos ?
    Is it enough when i sent 5 $ or must it be 10$ ?
    best regards
    Hello Mr. Aarellanes, it is a pleasure to present myself before you. My name is Cesar Hernandez and I represent the Dash Lara community in Venezuela. I want to inform you that on Friday July 27 we will hold the first Meetup in the region, we are working together with Dash Trujillo.
    Good day Sir, I am Kenneth from Nigeria, I have been having problems in posting my meet up report on the forum. Below is the message i get whenever i try to post it.

    Your content can not be submitted, this is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator
    Good day Mr aarellanes, I am Lemuel from Nigeria. I recently conducted a meet up in my school which I want to upload but it keeps coming back as spam and glitches.

    It replies thus; your content can not be submitted, this is likely because your content is span-like or contains inappropriate elements...

    Kindly look into my case. Thanks
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