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PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg

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Right now the price of 500dash is to expensive considering DASH price is not 6 usd and upwards

What he said. If this is a real machine that's great, but for that much of a mark up now ibelink looks competitive considering its 1000USD cheaper.
True, however the dash price has not changed. So if you have dash and are mining dash nothing is different. Of course if you are like a couple of my friends who were going to buy dash to get one of these then you are squirming as you see the price rise. I give them credit for accepting Dash, though they should consider adjusting it some based on current exchange prices.

A couple things to consider, this one is estimated to be 500MH/s instead of 384MH/s. Based on one chip it looks like they may be able to hit that mark. My DM384 is only doing more like 360MH (this is within the +/- 10% spec) not sure about other people.

Also this one claims 280W of power instead of 715W. That part makes a big difference to me. What that means to me is after running for 4 months the power bill difference makes up for the up front cost difference. And because of the lower power draw it will be able to be ran much longer and still mine more dash than the cost of the power. And that is not even considering cooling costs as we approach much warmer weather in my area.

Soleo, any news, even a brief update would be appreciated.
I'm having the same performance on my ibelink. I'd like to see if this is real before I fork over the cash. Any update from Soleo would be nice at this point.
These usb miners ,,,,, has anyone worked out how much power can be pulled out of the atx line on a 850w pc power supply and how much power the mobo atx socket can handle ,,,, leading to how many miners could be run of it ?
Thanks for the update, we appreciate you checking it out. I would like to visit them as well but this past weekend did not work for me.

Soleo, do you have any estimates of performance/watt on your underclocking? Do you have a github repository for the software that we could check out?
Currently, the source code is closed. I don't have an estimate for estimation for performance when underclocking, but anyone is welcome to test it. Another information you may be interested to know. We've been able to contact Dash Foundation and get a third party to test the final device, and the same person would test IBeLinks product as well. Hopefully, you will be able to get a better idea of it.

Can you hold off untill end of March .. I will get by 5 bitcoins by then .. Please :(
Well, we won't start take orders until we're starting soldering.

And is there a mailing list i could sign up for ?
You could send a message to [email protected] , and I'll be keeping track of you.

what will be the price smaller usb ones or a bit bigger with acceptable price
Yeah, it would be nice to hear an update. When I met with him this past Sunday he had indicated they may start taking preorders next week with shipments beginning at the end of March. I got 500 Dash sitting by, just need to see a working blade.

Me too please. :)

I would like to purchase some of these once they become available!
We don't have a price set yet. But if you're interested, please send a message to me. We'd hoping to able to distribute USB version of X11 Miners which is more beneficial for the community itself, and good for long term development of Dash. But we cannot produce them if no one want to use them. So please send me emails to let me know what you guys need. After all, this is for you. If the demand is strong enough, hopefully the USB versions could be delivered after the first batch of big devices.

This would be a great idea. Gets more people hashing on the network. Would be nice if there was a way to get the pool distribution improved as well.
We'd love to help with that.

any updates? it's already march 15 and you guys don't even have a website or a waiting list to start with...
:) The new update is that we're going to take order once we start soldering. The current progress indicates that we'll be shipping no later than the end of March.

A mailing list would be great : ) or better yet an ETA
ETA: Before the end of March. Just send an email to [email protected] , I'll be able to keep track on you.
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I would also like to get on a waiting list , will definitly purchase 1 that is currently the max pr customer.
But if possible i would like to get 4 units

The first batch is only 50 devices, so we'll keep 1 per customer rule.
I would also want one in the preorder! I really believe you did a good work :)
Please send an email to [email protected] so that I can keep track of you. However, we're not taking orders yet.

I'm having the same performance on my ibelink. I'd like to see if this is real before I fork over the cash. Any update from Soleo would be nice at this point.
Just did some updates on the main thread. The current estimated shipping time would be no later than the end of March.


Never good when the OP just vanish and dont reply.

We need an update on the progress...

"soleo was last seen:Wednesday at 1:07 AM"

may be busy mining with their own devices or what's it called these days? "burn-in" phase?.

Alright, I'm here. Sorry that I didn't keep you guys updated. In fact, I wasn't busy mining, however, I spilt some beer on my MacBook Pro which made my life and work very different and difficult in the past week. Thanks for sending me all kinds of messages.
good to see you back soleo, nevermind the mining comment i was just kidding... anyway i like that you're keeping one device per customer limit rule. i just emailed you to put my name on the waiting list.
Great to hear from you soleo. I do have one question, what do you mean by melting?
Soleo some question's about cooling ,,,,,
1/ how does your machine display temperature ?
3/ is there a temp alarm users can set ?
come on guys every one who wishes to get usb x11 miner contact soleo so he inform the company to make the usb miner
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