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PinIdea ASIC X11 Miner DR-1 Hashrate 500MH/s @320w Weighs 4.5kg

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no price is double

but might is ok or not?/

I don't advise you to do that because if you bought with the normal price you already gonna recover your seed money within 4 months but with double price you gonna recover your money within 8 months

it's your choice
I have just seen these miners on alibaba dot com for decent price, no idea if it's a scam or not though.
Has anyone here ever bought from that site?
I wanna buy

Balkal 900 MH/600 MH/150MH

or other !

I pay for Balkal 900 MH 3500 Euro

make me offers

chriswellmann @ gmx .dw
With all the new faster miners coming out, what's a fair price for one of these? They can also do quark too right? will that keep them profitable even if Dash difficulty skyrockets?
Just a quick post today. So what happened?
Miner arrived, but 4 screws were missing on one side. Running the miner I could only get 100MH from a pool although CGminer was reading 500MH.

With the help of Soleo and Stella(on dash slack) we found it was a hardware issue. I opened up the miner and saw the connector headers on the loose heatsink part had come off. I spent some time inspecting and only found 4 connectors that had issues. I soldered the headers back on(it isn't so easy to hand solder surface mount chips designed for wavesoldering) and now it fires up to the full 500MH.

I am running a p2pool on a PI and it seems to be close to 500MH. I need to update this guide from what I have learned, but this will help get you started on setting up cgminer and the p2pool. You need to change the scantime to 1 second and that should work better. I have plenty of pictures.....too late to add here now. Will do a full write-up when I can.

How do i find the article in the link you posed re Dashmagazine? it just goes directly to the homepage
Your leaders should have funded dashpaymagazine.com to keep it running and give you access to content like this.

Pay attention to the power usage for the Pinidea miners. There are better options.
hi i want to buy 20pcs Pinldea DR100 mine machines 20pcs. pls tell me how to buy? where we can place the orders?and i want to ship to China address. pay RMB to you .need a price with tax. thankyou my email is [email protected] .tahnkyou .wait for your reply.
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