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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hi everyone!
Let me introduce myself. I'm new here but already have a nice ideas to help bring DASH to the world, starting from Russia! :cool:
Actually I would like to start with online radio with streaming the latest news, analytic and interactive programmes, interview with experts, morning and late night shows, programmes on science, history, economic psychology, charity and life-style news and the second stream is a unique playlist featuring the best music of the last 50 years.
*Project is called "plus1radio" because you can choose between music and talking by one click in anytime
*Now is streaming music, talking side is under construction.
*As you may guess, STARTED from Russia means this project will be scaling as a franchise (other countries will stream same format in their native language).

So of course DASH is #1 in my favourites;) and I would like to go DashCentral to post Funding Proposal to hire back-office pros and do marketing expansion, etc..
If i understood correctly (if not - its ok, I'm newbie and I'm russian:p) - I need to pay fee 5 DASH for posting my Funding Proposal via DashCentral to let MasterNodes check my proposal and vote "YEAH, baby, just do it" or "hmmmm, not now, you can do it better".. now I have already working platform with regular listeners (besides my friends, of course :rolleyes:), whitepaper-like plan in russian and english, great team (front-office) which are ready to carry out our plan, but naven't cherished 5 DASH.

And here is my preliminary proposal: to collect 5 DASH and get funding to establish powerful online platform to promote DASH (btw, my team is only DASH miners and users;)) I'm looking for sponsors to go to DashCentral (note, that I will pay back your money from YES voted proposal on DashCentral). It is like ICO to start up the ICOo_O and of I have a bounty: ON AIR time with pro speakers to promote you or/and your business/ideas, as you prefer (local country PR and any other country, wrere plus1radio will stream) we will discuss details:cool:.

And now, the most important thing: FIRST OF ALL I need a ton of reviews of my whitepaper-like plan, to increase chances get "YEAH baby, do it" votes;). I can not post any links yet, so you will see my pre-proposal in the relevant topics. See you there, my DASH friends! We will make DASH number ONE cryptocurrency together!

Regards, Alexey Danilin.
Have a nice CryptoNewYear celebrating!:)
Hello, Im quite new at cryptocurrency but getting wiser fast :) , there's just a lot of info out there.

Im from Spain and found dash almost at the same time as bitcoin and saw it has many advantages over it.

One of the places that took me here was dash.red where i found a link o the dash comunity and also got my first duffs ever. So im grateful to them.

And that's all at the moment, just keep reading you and enjoying the revolution.

Fair well all,

I was fortunate to have learnt about cryptocurrencies three years ago. I found DASH a year and about 5 months now and i started to read about it. Is time i join the community and help in it adoption
Am here to do what i did to help BITCOIN usage in Ghana and Africa same and better for Dash adoption and acceptance among individuals and investors.
Hi! I'm new here. Exited to be part of a Dash community ! Hope to find here more answers than questions))
Hello there Dashers! New member here ! I own some Dash for some time but i decided to join the forum in order to discuss and understand better the crypto! Nice day to all!
Hi All, Iam Saanvi Sharma.

I Have more than 3 years experience at Mindmajix Technologies Inc, in IT professional with expertise in providing Enterprise Performance Engineering solutions & Integrated end to end IT monitoring solutions to clients from various industries.
Hi everyone.
I'm Ivo from Estonia, have been working in IT related projects more than 10 years.
Besides of that - a creative artist who has built up a creative community here.
Exited of blockchain/DASH technology and what are its possibilities to make this world a better place ;)
Will post my ideas and questions rather soon :)

glad to be here!

Hello, I'am Jan Vissers from Belgium, 55 year old, and I want to make serious mining business... First, I will read and learn a lot.
Hello guys, my name is Craig and I am the owner of a website called bitcoin-bug.com. I would like to learn more about Dash and eventually purchase when I am a little more clued up.
Hola buenos dias mi nombre es Carmen Victoria Salazar y soy terapeuta Naturopata de Venezuela y distribuyo productos naturales ,Para mi es un orgullo que me permitan pertenecer a este gran equipo de Dash......

I'm very excited to be joining this community. I'm fed up with the corruption which rules most of our existence today and I want to be part of changing it. I've known about bitcoin for a long time but always ignored it - I guess I belong to an earlier generation so I was/am a goldbug.

I only heard about crypto-currencies other than bitcoin within the last few months. I found out about dash because I was idly looking into what happened to Ben Swann and then found out that he had just signed a deal with dash (so that idea has already netted you at least one new user :)) and then stayed to read around.

I loved what I read and I suddenly get the whole crypto currency thing - wish I'd bothered to investigate properly all those years ago. Oh well - lesson learned.
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