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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello Everyone! My name is Eric Vance Walton and I'm a writer by trade.

My novel, Alarm Clock Dawn, was one of the first complete novels to be published in episodes on the blockchain in the summer of 2016. I'm new to the DASH community but am I'm a huge believer of cryptocurrency and the potential of blockchain to change our world for the better.

I've been in the crypto-space for about a year and a half and my life has become tremendously better because of it. I'm interested in giving back to the cryptocurrency/blockchain community as a whole and could think of no better way than to use my decades of writing experience to help spread the word about the benefits of it and help to educate others.

My friend, film director Doug Karr, me, and a team of talented individuals are in the process of making a professional-grade film series, called HardFork. Cryptocurrency and blockchain is central to its plot and we hope to educate the wider public in a fun and entertaining way.

I'm thrilled to be here and learn more about the DASH community!
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Hello Dash Familia! My name is Rob and I wanted to introduce myself on the forum. I found DASH about 8 months ago and have been a longtime lurker on the forums.

A little about myself I am from Chicago but currently living in Miami Beach FL. I found crypto by a mistake when trying to withdraw money off a poker client after a big tournament win in 2012 and quickly found myself on bitcoin and alt coin subreddits trying to learn as much as possible. The BTC run from 200 to $1250 and all the way back down was one of the best things I could have learned in the crypto space. Sadly I didn't HODL as I some pressing finances were needed.

For the last 10 years I have worked in marketing, specifically in branding and events representing some of the largest brands in the world. I have been the marketing liaison on network televisions shows, hosted events in over 100 US cities and am dying to contribute to the DASH community. I believe my non technical experience would be a huge asset within the Community and hope to prove it!

Happy to be here and look forward to connecting with everyone!
Hello my name is James Wilson I live just outside Chicago. I'm a dash user, into marketing, looking to explore and get to know the community. I see terrible cryptocurrency with great marketing & great cryptocurrency with terrible marketing. I have experience in marketing with companies like Xsportfitness.com, Reactpresents.com, surrealnightlife.com, Themidchicago.com, springawakeningfestival.com I hope one day I can join the team and be of some help in marketing for your team!
Hello Dash-er,

I'm AnCapitol from Berlin, Germany and I just recently joined the DASH Movement.
I've been invested in BTC since 2011 and grew tired of the insane transaction time and cost. Recently I swapped 80% of my BTC into DASH, so you could say "I have skin in the game".
I've been reading the forum as a quite spectator for a week, and I have to say, that I'm very impressed by the (mostly) very well mannered discussions even when shit get's hot.
I'm applauding all y'all for retaining a professional attire and trying to bring crypto to everyone and not just an elite who's able to afford 5-20€ transaction cost.

My Plan is to own a Masternode one day, but I have to get to the 1000 DASH first. That's why I will try to promote DASH here in Berlin. No, I'm not gonna file a proposal just asking for 1000 DASH.
I like my privacy so I have to find a way to prove my trustworthiness and my genuine sentiment to the DAO :) (But give me some time, I still have a regular job^^).

About myself: I'm - as my name suggests- pretty hardcore AnCap. I will not comply with any KYC or AML Shit. I will not support any government agency with information or any help in any matter (particulary not in cryptos). So If your pro-freedom as me, and "live and let live", we'll become good friends. Otherwise I wish you to please Furnicate Under Consent of your King off.

Thank you very much for your time,


Liebe Dash-er,

ich bin AnCapitol aus Berlin und bin erst kürzlich der DASH Bewegung beigetreten.
Ich bin seit 2011 Bitcoiner gewesen, jedoch habe ich die geistesgestörten Transaktionszeiten und -gebühren einfach nur noch satt. Daher habe ich kürzlich 80% meiner BTC in DASH umgewandelt. Man kann also sagen "Ich sitze mit euch im Boot".
Seit letzter Woche lese ich hier als stiller Beobachter im Forum mit und ich bin begeistert über die niveauvollen Diskussionen (naja meistens zumindest) selbst wenn die Kacke mal richtig am dampfen ist.
Daher möchte ich euch dafür danken, dass Ihr stets professionell bleibt und versucht crypto für jedermann zugänglich zu machen und nicht nur für eine Elite die 5-20€ Transaktionskosten bezahlen kann.

Mein großer Plan ist es eines Tages Masternodebesitzer zu sein. Dazu muss ich aber erst mal die 1000 DASH zusammen kriegen. Daher werde ich versuchen, DASH hier in Berlin bekannt zu machen.
Nein, ich werde nicht einfach ein Proposal einreichen und nach 1000 DASH fragen. Ich mag meine Privatsphäre, also muss ich einen Weg finden, wie ich der DAO beweisen kann, dass ich wohlgesinnt und vertrauenswürdig bin :) (Aber lasst mir 'n bisschen Zeit, ich habe noch einen normalen Job^^).

Kurz zu mir: Ich bin - der Name verrät es ja schon - 'n ziemlich harter AnCap. Ich werde weder bei Identitätsnachweisen noch Anti-Geldwäscheregelungen helfen. Auch werde ich keinem Arm des Staates mit Information, Rat oder Tat zu Seite stehen - egal in welchen Belangen (und besonders nicht zum Thema Kryptos!).
Wenn du also auch für Freiheit und "Leben und Leben lassen" bist, werden wir sicher gute Freunde. Anderenfalls wünsche ich, dass du mit deinem staatlichen Wichsgriffeln von mir fernbleibst.

Vielen Dank für eure Zeit

Hello from the frozen wasteland that is Canada. I come to you as a newcomer to the crypto world, but no stranger to the world of technology. Hoping to get involved in both the digital and analog world. Specifically looking to get into mining, and to help further the exposure of Dash to my local community.

Anyone know of any events promoting or supporting Dash in western Canada?

Cheers everyone!

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Hi all this will be short here it is I have $9000 in free wallet I've tried to send it on to my coinbase but it's always pending however I'm doomed to know this is now gone it is my life's savings and as a result my family will now lose our home I cannot live with the shame and going to end it all partly I blame myself but mostly I blame the app store for allowing the app and freewallets.org for simply stealing my family's money so there it is good bye world hope you all have a Merry Xmas
Hi Dash community !

I'm comeightman, French guy currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.
I'm new in the cryptocurrency world, but I love Dash projects and ambition.

I'm a good friend of QuantumExplorer who introduce me to Dash.

I would like to be helpful to the Dash community, and I already promote Dash in Thailand.

Cheers everyone !
Hi Dash community !

I'm comeightman, French guy currently located in Bangkok, Thailand.
I'm new in the cryptocurrency world, but I love Dash projects and ambition.

I'm a good friend of QuantumExplorer who introduce me to Dash.

I would like to be helpful to the Dash community, and I already promote Dash in Thailand.

Cheers everyone !
Great! Sucess!!!
Hi guys,
I'm a 15 year old high school sophomore living in Dubai.
I'm extremely enthusiastic about dash and believe that it has great potential.
Nice info by the way.
I hope i can become a dash expert in the coming days and contribute to its marketing efforts in any way i can.
P.S:Bitcoin is overrated
Hello everybody,

new member from Spain, newbie about cryptocurrencies and newbie about Dash.

A friend I trust advised me to buy a little Dash as he considers it a top candidate to win the cryptocurrency race. I just downloaded the wallet (on my pc) but have a question: where is the ID of the wallet shown? I'm going through the menus of the wallet application and don't see anything like an ID to identify the wallet (I expected a string of letters and numbers, like for bitcoin).

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