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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hello guys! This is Shane, from Malaysia. I'm a financial educator, trader, investor, and just 2 years ago became a crypto enthusiast. I started with Bitcoin, but slowly I learn that alternative coin such as DASH provides more promising features compared to Bitcoin. Innovation on top of Bitcoin – bigger block size, shorter block time, instant send, private send make DASH easier to be adopted many users and possibly go mainstream. In addition, DASH has a powerful and effective DAO.

So now I'm getting more active in DASH. Hope I can learn from y'all and would definitely love to belong to this community. Cheers.
Hello! Looks like now is starting to be a good time to buy more Dash as it goes down against BTC before the fork - anyone else have the same idea :D?
Hello Dash community! How are to today? I just watched on reddit a dash vs bitcoin parody :))) Unfortunately can't share with you the link because I'm a newbie. Have you seen it?
Greetings. I'm a stranger in a strange land. Too verbose? Noticing all the Bitcoin forking and understanding that Dash is a fork, what makes Dash "together?" Is consensus more uniform in the core?
I'm not certain that I'm the target but I have received two emailed notices from "Kot" to the effect "play nice." Perhaps it is a gentle reminder to all. I'm not unruly, personally, but don't care for inappropriate criticism. At the outset of this discussion thread, "TaoOfSatoshi" commented encouragingly "...And welcome any comments, concerns, and suggestions you may have. Remember, the only stupid question is the one not asked...." Not being a programmer or code expert, I was encouraged to ask sort of "John Q. Publick" questions. Remembering that E. Duffield took his prototype wallet to his mother to test, I assumed that for the good of Dash's future, acceptance by the general public was desired - people who more or less approach applications on the basis of their functionality, stability, etc. I'm not a troll or baiter. I do speak frankly. Commanding a docile forum might imply an inflexible leadership and that does not bode well for Dash.
In re Unique Expanded Marketing Publicity: I believe that a Dash Slot Machine might be worth development, especially in partnership with a Las Vegas casino. While Dash may not have available talent to allocate for its development, gaming talent may be readily available and interested in helping with such an idea. Perhaps Dash tokens could be bought at ATMs in casino(s) and used in Dash slots. While the slots might generate a small amount of money for Dash, the publicity generated would "turbojet" Dash recognition as tourist play Dash slots and media report this unique new game. Although Dash enthusiasts might hunger for staid, Establishment approval, "We The People" rule and determine ultimate success or failure. There is nothing like three or four "Dash Ribbons" lining up to bring on the smiles! Yes, "Dash Dancing Girls" can take the message to Broadway! "Show me the Dash!" "Dash never sleeps!" Dash is king!"
I am working as technical support provider for Hotmail UK offering the best instant solution to troubleshoot any Hotmail Issues- login failed, password recovery, account blocked and so on.
hello i am hussamabd from Germany and i invested before in bitcoins and now i am searching for some info about mining ethereum
Hello everyone ! Nice to meet you guys.

My name is Alvin Yap Chee Wah, and I'm from Malaysia. I am a young entrepreneur with ventures in Agri-Tech and IT, and I also hold the post as the Vice President of Malaysian Young Graduates Association(GRADUAN).

And most importantly - I'm a big fan of cryptocurrencies! I am both a trader and a miner, operating 1 iBelink 10.8G, 5 Antminer D3s and 2 Antminer L3s. There are still 2 D3s yet to be delivered though, but I guess the rise in difficulty probably makes me never being able to recover the machine costs o_O

Cryptocurrencies are still not widely accepted in Malaysia. However, there are many groups of enthusiasts including us who actively gather and share the knowledge of blockchain and cryptos.

I have my concerns on the development of cryptocurrencies in Malaysia. The price hike of cryptos in 2017 has gain the attention of the public and the regulators. The knowledge of the general public on cryptos are still shallow and superficial, many Ponzi Schemes and MLM pesudo-crypto are taking the advantage to scam the public, and this has caused some of the people to have negative perception on cryptos.

I wish to learn more from you guys on how to increase the awareness and educate the public on blockchain and cryptos.

Thanks !
Hello Dash community,

My name is Hando, recently acknowledged the true potential and philosophy of a great cryptocurrency like Dash. I've been studying the whole concept and technology of cryptos for the past month I am hooked. I come from Estonia and I plan to spread the awareness of Dash to my fellow countrymen.

Peace & Love!
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