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NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

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Hi everyone,

I'm running a crypto podcast called Analysis in Chains. I'm doing an episode about DASH on Friday and I'm here to learn a bit more about it. Nice to meet you all!
Short notice. Who will you be interviewing?
Yeah... it was kind of short notice. I was interviewing people from the community, not anyone at the top. I put out a questionnaire on Reddit, and got some good feedback though. It's a fairly high-level exploration of Dash, and I hope we did a good job with it. If you're curious it's on the Analysis in Chains website or on iTunes under Analysis in Chains.
It's really nice to be a part of this great site with lots of great minds and honest people. I'm a white hat hacker with lots of great hacking tools and concepts. So I'm your guy whenever you need any software you can't just download on Google, or if you need someone to do some hack stuffs for you.
Hi there, I am Rafael Useche CEO of Colibit a crypto exchange in Venezuela, and I have some proposals to speed up Dash adoption in Venezuela.


I’ve been researching crypto for about 6 months now, started with open rig miners then went into investing/trading. I have been working a business plan for about a month to start a small time mining operation and have taken initial steps to test out the viability of using D3 miners. I have one coming in shortly (November batch). I would like to take this small operation up to an initial size of 20 ASICs, possible some GPU server racks and then increase from there. My main focus is on growing DASH, but GPU mining can also help pay the commercial space bills if needed.

Everything I have been reading about DASH for the past month is promising, but I feel I need to reach out and talk to some MNO’s (my first goal in a couple years if I don’t just “buy in”) and others heavily involved in the DASH community.

I live in Tucson and I am aware of a DASH presence in Phoenix at Arizona State. Is there any way I can get in touch with some of these individuals, meet and talk over future directions to build the DASH community?

Thanks for your time,

I've made the thread sticky so it doesn't sink.

To all the new members:
  • You are all welcome. Most members are really nice, but there can always be someone who isn't. Don't worry about them.
  • Sometimes written communications may lead to miss interpretations. When in doubt, chose the most favourable interpretation.
  • Crypto in general, and Darkcoin in particular, are complex. Don't worry if you don't understand. Read. Ask. Repeat.
Enjoy, this should be fun!!!
greetings all, greetings tungfa, i am marionjoe from australia and #women_of_dash slack.
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Hello all,

I'm Inaki form germany and I have been in Crypto space for about a year now and started by holding BTC, trading a bit and now decided that I want to support the Dash Project because it's the most promising project in the payment space. I'm thinking about starting Dash Germany and right now I'm brainstorming how to best tackle the project:)
Hi My Name is John, I love crypto and just learned how to turn old computers into linux and mine Dark! Now that I realize there is a connection I am totally impressed. i posted the first paragraph of our Zero Waste Protocol somewhere and can't find it. What a maze. Cheers, great job.
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