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New iBeLink 10.8 GH/s X11 miner

I would like to believe, but I'll be damned if I send $8k in BTC to some sweatshop in Russia with only a hope and a prayer of a product that seems too good to be true.
if iBeLink is still in business, this prototype looks very real.
offer could be legit.. for bulk pre-orders.
unfortunatly i dont speak russian or chinese, so i dont know anything.
they will sell them to mining farms, cloud mining,..etc.. first. for 7500,- because they probably take alot (or all) of them and having more risk.
hard to say.
i still would prefer Baikals Multi Algo.
but if i somehow really had the chance to get one for 7500$ with no risk i would try to raise some cash.
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Hello I am from Russia. Tomorrow a familiar person meets with the people who made this device. As they say, for several weeks they have several prototypes. If they do not cheat, tomorrow I will have a video and a photo of these ASICs.
If all this is true, then about 3000 such devices will be released. This will increase the complexity and power of the network 10 times.

I have no relation to this site: bitbaza.com
That's kinda weird, pepole on bitcointalk.org are not notice this new asic, just like never happened.
I've got a contract and it's look so funny without any amenability of seller. Also, We trying to check a legal entity, but can't contact them through provided contacts. I suppose, that It's too risky send money now.
Am I getting this right?:
- The unit price is $7500
- The minimum order is 10pcs
So the minimum order is $75000 + Shipping?
- The unit price is $7500
I have no relation to this site: bitbaza.com. I think this site is fake.
I do not know the cost of the unit.
The information will be tomorrow, tomorrow they will tell me how much it costs and how much to buy. There is information that 200 pieces will be sold in Russia and 3000 in Europe. I hope to get the first 50 pieces. Of course, If everything is true.
50 pieces? you must be rich .. obviously everyone that could afford one would like one, still not believing it. Baikal got 2x in a year (ok more depending on the form factor, but not that much more, price-wise it does not even matter much), why should they go from 384 to 10000 (30x) in the same time and then not sell it for 30x?
50 pieces? you must be rich ..
I have good friends with money)

An increase in the power of the network 10 times in 4 months will not allow you to return even the cost of the device, if you sell these devices more than $ 15k
1 month - 5к
2 month - 2.5к
3 month - 1k
4 month - 500
5 month - 500
So either the device needs to be sold slowly but expensive, or all at once and cheaper than $ 15k

And if you sell expensive and little, then the technology can copy and then they will not get the income that they could.
No problem, thanks for the information and insight. Will turn out interesting, luckily the baikals can mine quite a few different things, so even if dash gets destroyed by new technology in 3 or 6 months, there are still ways to get to ROI. Obviously would be better if the global hashrate and difficulty does not go up that quickly, in any case there is still a lot of Dash to be mined, it will just get faster if more people mine and crazy hardware with 10 or 100 or more gh/s comes out in the coming years. Just let me reach my ROI first :)

Connected the device to my pool, still it's possible it's true.
No video and photos, it's unclear whether one device was or not.
25% rejected, but still wow. Looks interesting, if they only have one device it will not be visible in the global hashrate, so they want to proof it to the buyers by just shortly providing 10gh/s? Can this be confirmed it comes from one connection and one device (e.g. the giant is 2 devices with 450mh/s each, but hard to say if it is possible to see this in the stratum protocol, probably worth to investigate).
I hope that soon there will be video or photo settings of the device with power indicators. Asked to do. The number of failures can be due to the fact that they have connected several devices to one pool and then redirected to my. Until nothing is clear. Maybe they connect the board in turns, but not all at once.
Yes, U R right. Minimum order is 10pcs, i.e. $75k! Bitbaza offers to sign contract with Chinese company directly, and send money to their bank account. I can't contact by legal entity's address mentioned in contract. They want to meet me in Beijing and take me to his strange place where they can show this working prototype.

My Russian partners that sailing ASICs in Russia for 3 years, refer a representative to ibelink office. He confirmed that they have one working prototype, and need some rich guy for start manufacturing. But no one doesn't know end-price and real time constraints