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New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>


right side , when I click "Email"
my Mail program pop's up with an empty mail (good)
but there is no email address written in there !!!

Needs a fix !
(am on MAC/ Safari)
- Home - Resources - Merchants Tools - Payment Processor
Images loading

- Home - Resources - Technical Documentation Wiki
is all empty (brings me to the new wiki page, but there are categories, but they are all empty !, why do not use the old wiki ??)

- Home - Contact
I send an email to Press
(as I am [email protected])
did NOT receive an email.
Any News on fixing ?!
Couple of hours to go !!!

And I still would LOVE to see that image on the frontage (and get rid of the "D")
I made it into a horizontal to make it more appealing for you !! .....>>
We've had problems with the instance in which the new website was hosted and we had to rollback to the old website. We can restore it to a very recent version, but we are going to wait for a couple of days. We had still some work to do and this has delayed us, so it is safer this way so we don't receive the traffic from PRWeb with the website half restored.
Yep, new site is back, with all the bugs and broken links.
That's the sort of thing I was thinking of. Obviously we can't make it to close to the Bitcoin video but it will have the same 2d informational style.

Ok, with such a tight deadline I better get on with writing a script and basic storyboard. I think it's important to initially make a basic video by tomorrow night explaining the basics of Darkcoin and then we can expand on it afterwards. But we need something on the site for Tuesday when all the PR is released.

Sorry guys... I had a busy day with a number of clients having issues today so wasn't able to get that much done on the video. Hopefully I'll have a bit more time to get something completed tomorrow.