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New Darkcoin.io Webpage .. Suggestions/ Issues ...>>

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you guys making progress !
very nice ! keep it coming ...>>>
great to see you guys and girls are on it
am off on a job and back in 12 hours to get this party started
please make sure i have a Darkcoin links for the Press Release !!!! tx
on the news section, first news "Darkcoin Passes Security Review, Prepares to Open Source" there is a link "Download PDF" -> leads to 404
I would suggest something else than the "D" (and less pixelated) to illustrate the "Mandatory Update to RC5" something more like this :
i would put Evans cool graphic from the last press release where the D is not (and the video was before)
vertoe the one i pm'ed you looking for a newer one !! take that where the D is !!!
i checked the website and "where to spend" section is empty :\

I also noticed that under home->resources->merchant tools->payment processors there is a problem with images not shown.

and home->resources->merchant tools->success cases is empty also :\
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community pictures loading on iPhone now ! nice ..>>

looking good press section working as well (can we get the next OS Press Release there please when it is out? ) ... tx
Hi guys,

The 'Download PDF' link at the bottom of this news page is linking to a missing file.


i still think that "D" on the front page @ mandatory update RC5 should be changed to that cool graph even send out before / see bellow !!!
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