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Issues with Masternode Payments Fork


Core Developer
Today the masternode payments fork went into effect. The fork went off without issue and the network looks very healthy, but it appears there is some issue with pools voting for the wrong masternodes. This is causing payments to not go through as they should.

The fix is rather simple and can be done without a hard fork. After the pools update to the fixed version, the payments will begin to go through.
We’re currently working on a resolution and will provide the new version soon (probably by tomorrow, hopefully in a few hours).


The Darkcoin Team
Does this relate to the current p2pool issues?
P2Pool which was working on testnet is not working on mainnet...
Can anyone/Evan elaborate what kind of Pubkey is shown on the blockexplorer for the Masternode votes?
I would love to somehow check if I'm receiving votes.
Attention Pool Operators,

If you're unaware, the masternode payments have experienced some
issues. It appears there the issues is actually just problems with
masternode propagation on the network. This will fix itself over time,
however to fix this quickly we've made some modifications to the code.

Pool Operations: Please recompile the source from master and add
maxconnections=200 to your configuration
Everyone else: You need not update

If the problem doesn't resolve itself we'll look into other possible causes.
I think DRK network forked. I have 2 clients. 9.4.6 shows that current block is 74625. New one 9.4.7 reports 74616
[22:12] <@evan82> k, if you're on the wrong fork please get the latest changes from the repo and compile. Run with -reindex and you'll get the right fork
[22:12] <@evan82> it should only be a few pools, no exchanges or masternodes, etc
[22:13] <eth2> evan82, which is the right fork?
[22:13] <@evan82>
[22:13] <@evan82> jimbit, masternodes should be ok as long as you're on the right fork
[22:14] <coinotron> evan82: just to clarify has 3 your today commits
[22:14] <@evan82> yeah
Please update ASAP!

Some bad masternodes set off a chain reaction which forked the network
into many smaller forks. To ensure you're on the correct fork please
update your daemon and run with the command "-reindex". It may take a
bit to reindex, but you'll be on the correct fork.

Source code:

Stable version (v0.9.4.8):

RC2 (v0.10.8.8):

Windows binaries to come soon.
Wait so updated version is 9.4.8 not the 9.4.6 im on and is shown on main wesbite? Don't know how to compile or anything, so will have to wait for the qt-exe I guess :{

My masternode receive just this error, no payment:

2014-05-25 23:09:32 !coins.IsAvailable COutPoint(cfa73aeff245e44e86b9d18a703c471cfa8a7621e8a86eb48e97928edb077837, 1)
2014-05-25 23:09:32 ERROR: CTxMemPool::acceptableInputs() : inputs already spent

up to date 10.8.8, sync OK, masternode visible from http://darkcoin.io/masternodes.txt and http://drk.poolhash.org/darksend.html and by a separate client

I don't know what to do