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Hashing Speeds


Graphics card
: GIGABYTE R9 280X WindForce 3X OC

Mining Software: phm-sgminer v4.1.0 on Windows7/Professional

Hash Speed: 2.105 Kh/s

Avg. temp: ~58ºC

CONF. File:
"intensity" : "13",
"worksize" : "400",
"kernel" : "darkcoin",
"lookup-gap" : "2",
"thread-concurrency" : "8193",
"gpu-threads" : "2",
"gpu-engine" : "0-1080",
"gpu-fan" : "0-50",
"expiry" : "28",
"failover-switch-delay" : "60",
"gpu-dyninterval" : "7",
"gpu-platform" : "0",
"log" : "5",
"no-pool-disable" : true,
"queue" : "1",
"scan-time" : "7",
"tcp-keepalive" : "30",
"temp-hysteresis" : "3",
"shares" : "0"
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The graphic card portion of AMD a7850K kaveri 341 Kh/s. Didn't try many settings.

750 ti with moderate overclock using ccminer v 1.0 around 1700 KH/s

3 x 7950 1870 KH/s / card 1100 engine 1250 mem I 20
Thanks, my number are still solid at 1380 but I think the chokepoint is no longer my gpu config.
(I'm running sph-miner 4.1 in linux with the 13.12 drivers btw) Anyway thanks for the info
Hey darkhawk, here's the setting I am using - "-g 2 -w 256 --intensity 18 --lookup-gap 2 --thread-concurrency 10481". The overclocking is done with MSI Afterburner 3.0 Beta 19. Hope I'd helped :)
Thanks, my number are still solid at 1380 but I think the chokepoint is no longer my gpu config.
(I'm running sph-miner 4.1 in linux with the 13.12 drivers btw) Anyway thanks for the info
No worries, this is running on Windows 64 bit, with the sg miner 4.1.0 and drivers 14.4!
Hmmm that is interesting, I think I will poke around with the new driver, it cripples scrypt performance but it might be giving X11 an edge, if all else fails there is always my wintendo partition.
Thanks for the extra info, gonna see if I can put it to good use next time I take my rig down for a bit of downtime.
I'll get back to you with my results when I get around to meddling with my setup (For Science! :D )
No worries, this is running on Windows 64 bit, with the sg miner 4.1.0 and drivers 14.4!
GPU Mining
Graphics card
: EVGA GeForce GTX 750 ti
Miner: ccMiner 1.0

Hash Speed: 1.5 Mh (no overclocking)
Hash Speed: 1.7 Mh (+135 and +400, but was not stable)

I've been mining for a little over 12 hours now with ccMiner 1.0 and it seems pretty stable so far with the stock settings on the 750 ti card I have as my miner. I was able to push it to 1.7 Mh, but it wasn't stable with the overclocking settings I tried. CCMiner 1.0 beta was just released and claims the 750 ti can push a little over 2 Mh matching or surpassing the 280X. I haven't tested the power draw yet, but I hopefully will be doing that sometime later today or tomorrow.
Cryptocurrency noob here.
  1. What hashing speeds can I count on for CPU mining on a modern i5 CPU with an AVX instruction set? ErrorId reported ~390KH/s using 4 cores, is this record current? What settings should I use to achieve it? Would hyper-threaded i7 provide much of a difference?
  2. What client and operating system of *nix variety is the best? E.g. I'm on Ubuntu now, would Gentoo be much different?
  3. What is the RAM usage in total or per core?
  4. Where fo I get "CPUMiner 1.3 / minerd-corei7-avx file"?
  5. What are the recommended GPU miners on *nix? (are there any?)
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My GPUs, on Windows 7 and 8, 64 bit.
Gigabyte Windforce triple fan 280X's, engine 1100 memory 1500 powertune +20, intensity 19 = 2.30 Mhash
Sapphire and HIS 7950s, same settings except 1050 engine, 1450 memory, 2.0 Mhash
A variety of 270X's, 1100/1450 speeds, otherwise same settings, 1.35 to 1.40 Mhash each.
2 780 ti Asus Dcuii , Win 7 64 Ultimate
1100 clock, stock mem
Speed ranges between 9,886khs and 12,200khs
55c on card 1
59/61c on card 2
Software = ccminer beta 1.0 x86 ccminer35.exe using stock settings

This is my workstation and its still very usable for daily surfing and video streaming while the miner is active.
Processor: AMD Phenon II X4 965
Mining Software: darkcoin-minerd-1.2c
Hash Speed: 220 khash/s

Graphics card
: Asus GTX750Ti OC (oc'd to 1225)
Mining Software: ccminer 1.1
Hash Speed: 1.80 MH/s :grin:
GPU Mining
Speed: 2180 khash/s
Card: EVGA Nvidia GTX770 SC dual bios (04G-P4-3773-KR)
Software: ccminer 1.0 in OS X

Updated with 1.0b ccminer compiled by John Chapman
Now 2390kh/sec.
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GPU mining:
ccminer30 v1.0
(1) EVGA GeForce GTX 760 @ 2045khash/s
(1) Galaxy GeForce GTX 760 @ 2010khash/s

Both overclocked the same: CC +192 / MC +192
CPU: AMD Phenom 8850 @ ~2.5 ghz (x3 Cores) = 50 khash/s
GPU: NVidia GTS 450 = 530 khash/s (drops to 100 khash/s while CPU mining as well)

Will try to overclock GPU later and see if I can get more and not kill my GPU

EDIT: Managed to peak it at 600 khash/s for a little bit, then crashed my drivers and haven't gotten it stable there since. seems like the best I'm able to pull is ~580 khash/s
Either way, it's an improvement.
EDIT 2: The temp is what had it up there. Once it hit ~79c it jumped back up to 599 khash/s
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GPU Mining
Speed: 1290 khash/s (now 1500 with update)
Card: Apple Nvidia GTX780m (2014 iMac 27")
Software: ccminer 1.0b in OS X

Keeping very cool :cool:
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GPU 3x r9 290ś 11,3Mhz
Card 1 : sappahire TRI-X
Card 2-3 : ASUS R9 290 4GB OC DirectCU al run at 1040mhz and 1500mhz mem
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around 4200-4400khash on gtx 780 with ccminer

and around 4x 1900khash on 7950's rig. (within a few days 8x 1900 :cool: )
Processor: Intel XEON E3-1230-V3
Mining Software: darkcoin-cpuminer-1.3-avx-aes-master
Hash Speed: 570 khash/s

Graphics card
: MSI Radeon R9 270X 2G OC 2GB)
Mining Software: sph-sgminer_x11mod-master
Hash Speed: 2.090 MH/s
Hi Guys, i am just starting getting into the mining crypto world. I have 2 GPU's 1 Xfx Radeon r9 280x and 1 Sapphire Vapor X r9 280x.
I am getting around +/- 3150 Mh/s out of each card at +/- 55% using separate workers for each card.
Dev0 > Sapphire
Dev1 > XFX
Is this hashing speed acceptable ?
At this rate i would have 0.113 DRK per day which is not profittable at all. If so i need some other HW setup with more GPU's.

My config (for the other GPU it would be "Device 1"):

"intensity" : "18",
"worksize" : "256",
"kernel" : "x11mod",
"lookup-gap" : "2",
"shaders" : "0",
"thread-concurrency" : "22400",
"gpu-threads" : "2",
"gpu-engine" : "1200",
"gpu-memclock" : "860",
"gpu-memdiff" : "0",
"gpu-powertune" : "20",
"gpu-vddc" : "0.000",
"no-pool-disable" : true,
"temp-cutoff" : "90",
"temp-overheat" : "85",
"temp-target" : "75",
"failover-switch-delay" : "60",
"log" : "5",
"queue" : "1",
"expiry" : "28",
"scan-time" : "7",
"tcp-keepalive" : "30",
"temp-hysteresis" : "3",
"shares" : "0",
"device" : "0",


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