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GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor


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Hi everyone,

I know, that some of you were interested in starting Masternode with Trezor/Keepkey in a bit simpler than existing methods. If so, today I published an application (Dash Masternode Tool) which may be helpful with this task. It is published as an open source project, written in python, but to make it simple for people without python knowledge, I prepared binaries compiled for Mac, Windows and Linux.

App's functionality is very basic at the moment: it just allows to start masternode and to check its status. It has no extended validation, such as validation of a 1000 Dash collateral existence within provided address, and so on. Such a functionalities are planned for future versions.

Project's GitHub address: https://github.com/Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool
Binaries: https://github.com/Bertrand256/dash-masternode-tool/releases
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How about making a proposal ?

@chaeplin, thanks for the suggestion. By doing this project, I wanted to give something back to the community to help the Dash ecosystem to grow. I think, I should find enough time to complete all the functionalities the app should have. If I'll not manage to do that, I'll consider your suggestion :).

By the way, thanks for your project dashmnb, which was a great help in my work.
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Hi @Bertrand256 do you have any plans for a proposal to develop this? I hear you with your 'doing it for love' point of view but I wonder if it might not do well as a formal proposal and money is nice too!
First off: Thank you!

I think making a proposal for this would be a good idea. You already have provided a product, so I think a lot of MNOs would pay you to further develop and perfectionalize this! This tool is really the way forward with regards to security and user friendliness :)
Hi @methusaleh and @Populandum. The app was not meant to be a very serious work. I saw it rather as a, let's say, gap-filler solution, until the same functionality will be stable in Dash Electrum. Despite this, I sill plan to develop this application at its own pace, treating it as a backup solution for MN management in Electrum.

I have been attracted to the Dash ecosystem because of its interesting and clear vision, and at least for some time I would rather not look at it as a profit. But, when the honeymoon ends, who knows, maybe I post a proposal :)
Anyway, thank you for your encouraging words :)
Hello , would I need to leave my trezor connected to my system at all times or can I unplug it as soon as I send the masternode broadcast?
Hello @risinhigher After you send broadcast message you can unplug your Trezor and close the app, until next time you'll have have to start your masternode (eg. after restarted its dashd)
thanks again .. @Bertrand256 @chaeplin and @moocowmoo have made this so easy !

You're quite welcome @risinhigher !

And, good job @Bertrand256! Having all the deps bundled saved me time on a windows assist the other day.

Suggestion: gpg sign your releases and bundle some checksums.
I've also sent you a keybase invite to use if you like, is a nice companion to gpg/can generate keypairs for you too.
And, KBFS is pretty neat stuff: https://keybase.io/docs/kbfs
Hi @risinhigher. In the meantime I'll just mention, that the tool can connect to any dashd. Although it's most convinient, it doesn't have to be a dashd of your masternode - it could be a Dash-QT installed on your local machine, of course with activated RPC. Each dash daemon can serve as a MN start-message relay to the masternode network.