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DCG Discussion Regarding Allegations & Ryan Taylor Resignation

Please don't open a new thread on this on the Forum, DCG should make the official announcement. This thread will remain open for discussion until
the official announcement.
I want to thank Ryan Taylor for his commitment and dedication over his years as acting CEO of Dash Core Group and i want to convey that i have a deep respect for Ryan Taylor for making this incredibly difficult decision in order to keep the DCG Compensation budget proposal funded and putting the best interest of the Dash network above himself.

With the resignation of Ryan Taylor as CEO of Dash Core Group and the subsequent operational knowledge and personal information about DCG inner workings flying out of the window this way, i just see a lot of turbulence and pressure on individual Dash Core Group members ahead, in a time that the focus should have been on getting Dash Platform out and Dash Core Group marketing under way.

I wish the Dash Core Group good luck in the times ahead.

With regards to Dash as a community, i just view this situation as a situation that has divided the Dash community and will continue to divide the Dash community. Ultimately i view this situation as a bad situation with a bad outcome.
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I hope the Trust Protectors make it clear to Ryan that it would be good for him to remain at DCG, just not as CEO.

Perhaps now the network will consider mandatory CEO / President rotation for any DFO pulling 40% or more from the treasury. Presidential Rotation is part of the proposed Dash Network Constitution.
I never thought I would live to see the day! I am glad that Dash has proven itself to be a DAO and not just a DAO by name. I am really excited about the future, we have a lot of lost ground to recover!
"We can start by shaking up DCG, using a bulldozer instead of window cleaning a building that is structurally unsound. " -- DashUnicorn

Poor Dashunicorn,
You forgot the government's agents who reside permanently in Dash, and who are mandated to maintain and intensify Dash's decline and decadance.
These agents receive a lot of USD money from the government (and thus they own a lot of dash masternodes and dash votes), so they will never allow the dash community to build a real bulldozer......

As predicted. The pathetic DCG was saved by the government's agents, once again.
Scapegoating @babygiraffe was the pretext, in order to preserve the corrupted status quo.

Voting deadline is in 6.56 hours and the next super block will be in 3.30 days.


Voting deadline is in 0.0 minutes and the next super block will be in 3.03 days.

A diff of 806-427=379 net votes cast the last 6 hours in favor of the pathetic DCG.
477-301=176 NO votes switched to YES votes the last 6 hours. A typical agent behavior.
The pathetic DCG is saved, once again. The scapegoat was punished. Dash is doomed, once again.
You will fall below 100rank, in Coinmarketcap. You deserve it, for sure.
Death is your destiny and you bought it with your money.

Timocracy sucks...Government's agents suck....Vote the numbers, stupid!
" Ὧδε ἡ σοφία ἐστίν· ὁ ἔχων νοῦν ψηφισάτω τὸν ἀριθμὸν τοῦ θηρίου· ἀριθμὸς γὰρ ἀνθρώπου ἐστί·"
"Here is the wisdom, and whoever has a mind in him, let him vote the number of the beast, for it is the number of a human."

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If you knew a group, that would do a better job than DCG does, I would be glad to vote for it.

  1. No smart contracts for Dash. Is this ok for a decent crypto of 2022?
  2. After many months, and although the masternodes decided it, and although the code is already written by @Pasta, the 1 dash proposal fee feature is not implemented yet.
  3. When evo? ("Evoe" is the scream the Bacchae used to shout in order to call Dionysus.) Do you know how much money has been paid for the DASH Platform (Evolution) ? For how long? $13 million were paid only for the last 2.5 years! And evo is still asomatous. Give me the votes/money and the time, and I can built evo better and faster than "Pater Seraphicus" (you know who this Pater is!). " Pater Seraphicus - come forth! Come to reclaim the throne! I sing my song to Thee , O planetary soul, In rapture I shall burn, To worship the unknown". Pater Seraphicus and the DCG, they both suck!!!!!

Dont you wonder about all the above? DCG sucks.....


"We can start by shaking up DCG, using a bulldozer instead of window cleaning a building that is structurally unsound. " -- DashUnicorn
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AFTER BEING PAID $13 millions?
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I see a number of masternodes have been knocked offline and I was wondering if there is any correlation to the way people voted.
@vazaki3 , of those 13 million, what percentage has Ryan pocketed approximately?

I'm talking about salary.

It seems that sails are being retracted, 30 MN have been "turned off" from the network.

We'll see how far we go. For those who still believe in Dash's future with a loaded gun, we may see some very good prices.

All the best
I don't think they were intentionally turned off, it was some kind of attack / high load. I noticed the high CPU load a couple of days ago.
@vazaki3 , of those 13 million, what percentage has Ryan pocketed approximately?

I'm talking about salary.

We dont know.
DCG never submitted a report to http://dashwatch.org.
Additionaly and unfortunately, dashwatch has been completely postponed since Oct 2021.
Dash community certainly needs dashwatch's functionality, as long as transparency is crutial to Dash's survival.
DO NOT follow the hollow.
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Updated the Thread headline. DCG has still not issued an official statement about Ryan Taylo'rs resignation as DCG CEO or DCG Board member.