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DashForce Meetup & Presentation Program

After speaking with @joemoraca (Head Dash Force News reviewer and researcher) on the current state of Dash's offline IRL POS system solutions i have decided to put my new merchant adoption program on hold for now and also pause the merchant adoption part of the meetups until there is a solid POS solution. The current merchant adoption meetup program will continue until the end of this month/cycle, then we will try again in the next month or two after new solutions that are in the works are released.
I'm afraid we are moving too fast and not having a proper POS solution could turn merchants off to Dash as it is not easy to do now and is overly complicated. We can't wait for Evolution to solve this issue (which it eventually will) but hopefully in the next month or so new POS solutions will be released and we can continue.

Hi @mastermined ! May I ask you a question?

Can this proof of individuality meetup be financed by the Dash Force Meetup & Presentation Contest?

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Dashtecas Meetup #4 by Coachdigi
Mnday 31st of July, 2017

a) 1 more Foodtruck that accepts Dash
b) 30 people with $10 USD in Dash Wallet + Paola (My wife) and me = 32 attendees.

1.- Meetup link:


30 people with $10 USD in Dash + Paola's (my wife) and my dinner = 1.77553275 Dashes
Capture+_2017-08-01-00-44-53.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-45-37.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-46-05.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-46-30.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-46-55.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-47-27.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-48-05.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-48-33.png Capture+_2017-08-01-00-49-06.png

3.- Pictures:
I'm doing doing my meet-up tonight. Can't sleep. I transferred 1.65 Dash to my phone, to give to the first 30 people. Worried that fewer or more will attend. Checked exchange rates again. I sure hope this works out! :)
The deadline for meetup submissions is in about 24 hours.

"All entries will need to be submitted no later than 24 hours before the end of the proposal cycle. Winners will be chosen and prizes given no later than one week after the proposal cycle ends.
The next cycle ends (2017-08-04 05:59, block 714488)"
Here is my application for my Dash reward:

Advanced Merchant Adoption meetup program

1. You will need to provide us with the link to where you posted your event at https://discoverdash.com/ and meetup.com and/or Facebook, set this up before the meetup.
2. We will need to see pictures/screenshots of the Dash wallets with the $10 transaction.
3. Lastly, a picture of the business and a group picture showing the total number of members in attendance all holding up their phones... and smiling :D.
I had well over 30 people attending, but only gave Dash to 21 people. I gave away quite a lot of Dash.
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why :eek: dumb @carlomile2 ? Because the event is finished? Or is it dumb to spend Dash on alcohol, do you think?

If I do another meet-up, I will be able to re-use much of the material from this one, so it will be much easier. So I'm editing my work to make sure that it is done properly.
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I spent a couple of hours going through and checking all the submissions tonight and getting pictures and stuff ready for a post on DFN this Thursday. I still have a couple of more hours of work to do on it but need to wait on reply's to emails I sent out for people who have incomplete submissions. It should all be finished by Thursday though and payments will be sent out then.
The influence of my meet-up has been quite remarkable. One week after the event, people are still talking about it. Many people still have some Dash on their phones, which they want to use. People are asking me how they can buy more Dash. Even people who didn't attend the meet-up heard about it, and approached me. I'm going to talk to two more people on Friday, which is the next time I'll go to the bar. :)
Please post your payment address in this thread if you have not done so already. I will send payments out later tonight 8-10-17.