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DASH WORLD – 2nd Month Report, Expenses Breakdown & Ongoing Work


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Dear Masternode owners and community members:

The Dash World has successfully finished its second month’s engagement with the Dash project. We’ve been paid 775.00 DASH out of which:
  1. 139.5157143 DASH, the last month's carry-over balance, went as the support for our presence on the d10e San Francisco Conference on decentralization. As the d10e was the Dash World's initiative, we were more than happy to help out. Note:
    • Evan Duffield will give a presentation for the d10e audience;
    • the DASH soda-machine starring Oaxaca will demonstrate InstantSend and DASH in real world;
    • The Vanbex Group arranged for the sponsorship package lists for $5,000 at discount, a reduced $3,500 for us.

  2. 461.5000000 DASH spent for The Vanbex Group for their work;
  3. 139.2857143 DASH went to GreyGhost work. GG also acts as the Project manager;
  4. 102.5301901 DASH spent for the Privacy Sentinel efforts (more about it below);
  5. 17.8571428 DASH went to Raptor73 for his work listed in the April's work report (and more);
  6. 53.8269527 DASH have not been spent yet and are carried over for this month work.
I believe it is important to stress out that the savings The Vanbex guys (@lisacheng and @hobbskevin ) secured, plus the money the Dash World donated for d10e (total of $2,620.31 at DASH's current USD price) almost amounts to one full month retainer for our great Canadian partners. I daresay that we do provide value for money to the community.

A detailed Expenses Breakdown itemizes all the expenses and outlines all the work done can be seen here.

As a direct result of our efforts we keep seeing improvements; if we compare “organic traffic” on https://www.dash.org/ for the May 9th – June 7th period with the previous 30 days (April 9th – May 8th) days we see:
  • 21.38% more sessions;
  • 23.13% more users and than a small losses of
  • 0.79%% in average page-views and
  • 18.27% less pages seen per session and than again,
  • 4.12% increase of the average user’s visit duration and new sessions have also seen growth of
  • 2.94% increase in new sessions on the website.

Dash World's focus on the "Micro-economy of Dash" feels more important and urgent than a month or two prior. “One of our top priorities from a business development perspective is to improve direct access to our network for end user," said Evan Duffield, Dash lead developer and founder. (source)

PS is a complicated multi-layered project I'll try to outline briefly. The idea behind Privacy Sentinel is this:

-- There is a critical need to develop a secure messaging and transaction platform accessible via web browser or standalone native application. Such an application is pivotal for Dash to succeed beyond an investment and achieves mass adoption.

As the first step, DASH seeks to be the dominant payment processor for Private and Secure Communications Services by integrating SIGNAL (or other suitable P2P instant messaging & video calling protocol that offers end-to-end encryption) with DASH as the payment processor. --

So we are:
A) approaching potential partners in:
+++ Monte Carlo wealth management company;
+++ Berlin crypto venture capital company;
+++ Rio de Janeiro group of private investors to gauge interest in investing serious money in Dash or at least to learn from them. (both Monte Carlo and Rio people are my, i.e. gg's friends)

B) approaching journalists and human rights groups all over the world:
+++ the start has been, I must admit, somehow disappointing. So I am re-thinking the approach, how to better engage & involve them.

C) creating an outline for the service we want to develop:
+++ for its purpose, Dr. BobLQ has also "designed a wonderful scalable architecture based on ShadowBots as a Micro-service. Most of the software that acts as a framework in which the ShadowBots live is FOSS and has strong communities that support it," but do not ask me what this means :)

The Vanbex Group & the Node40 are working with me in preparing an investment package for prospective investors. The marketing material is being created as I type and I hope I will have something concrete to report in our next month's report.


1. http://bitcoinist.net/dash-digital-cash-system/
2. http://bravenewcoin.com/news/decentralized-transparent-blockchain-based-governance/
3. http://dashpaymagazine.com/index.php/2016/05/19/dash-masternodes-study-rising-crypto-bonds-future/
4. http://dashpaymagazine.com/index.php/2016/05/28/legality-crypto-currency-holdings/; https://medium.com/@b_64902/the-legality-of-crypto-currency-holdings-56d50ae6f2db#.btsxhzb19
5. http://bitcoinist.net/dash-original-dao/

One article alone has been picked up and re-published on many various crypto news sites. One of these, @ https://news.bitcoin.com/study-dash-masternode-18-roi/ had 3,545 views so far )still counting).


I am now our Webmaster on Baidu, a Chinese search engine (thanks to @tungfa; @Alexy). As a part of the work I've manually submitted of all our pages via http://zhanzhang.baidu.com/linksubmit/url (as Admin):
+++ as a result our website is now indexed in Baidu; so far 113 pages (see http://postimg.org/image/62s40i5rv/)
** you can check the results on http://www.baidu.com/ by using search operator "site:dash.org"

I am now also a Webmaster on Yandex, a Russian search engine so I've manually submitted of all our pages via https://webmaster.yandex.com/addurl.xml
** you can check the results http://postimg.org/image/okfgnw8u3/
** there are 8658 Forums pages (this forum) already visited by Yandex-bot!

DASH & Keepkey partnership was secured by The Vanbex efforts;
Helped elisha of dashpaymagazine with the basic SEO instructions for his site;
The Spells of Genesis trading card dedicated to Dash is out:
-- http://spellsofgenesis.tumblr.com/post/144300168310/knight-of-dash-on-tuesday-at-the-partner

More to come. Exciting times ahead!
It seems as though some of these plans seem to be more long-term. Pray tell -- since the last superblock payout for this proposal took place a couple days ago -- do you plan on re-submitting your proposal to continue the efforts outlined here?

Also, what is "GreyGhost work"? Thank you.
Great summary. I know these efforts take time. Sometimes it is unpredictable when or who is going to respond to these conversations.

Although, these articles are detailed, they look like they are tailored to the crypto oriented audience. Maybe we can do some short articles that point out the selling points of dash(what it can do, why it is better - not how it does it). Tailored more as a teaser for a general audience. Then readers move to dash.org to learn more.

I am looking forward to what happens next. This could get exciting really quick.
Although, these articles are detailed, they look like they are tailored to the crypto oriented audience. Maybe we can do some short articles that point out the selling points of dash(what it can do, why it is better - not how it does it). Tailored more as a teaser for a general audience. Then readers move to dash.org to learn more.

I am looking forward to what happens next. This could get exciting really quick.

I agree!

And if we can clean up some of the confusing aspects, like our Evolution "sign up" site (that was just supposed to be a temporary demo), and replace it with an email signup list, we can really start to cater to the "regular" people.

Currently you have to be "engaged" to know what's going on with each crypto/FinTech project, and that takes time.

We talk a lot about Evolution, but then when people want to check it out, they get errors and questions like this:


This is low-hanging fruit that we could easily take care of.

Simply replacing the old demo "signup" page with a short sentence ("Evolution is coming soon") and email signup list would

It would clarify things (by explaining the state of Evolution), make Dash look less amateurish (e.g. "Why the error message? Ok, why is the demo site which doesn't even work still up?) and it would build our audience for when Evolution is "officially" launched. We could even add an initial auto-email with the Evolution roadmap and current state of Evolution development.

@GreyGhost Didn't mean to hi-jack your thread. But this is at least tangentially related to your efforts, and was wondering if this could be integrated or if that's a bit out of scope for what you're working on.
Thanks guys. Briefly:

-- "What is "GreyGhost work?" Well, I am GreyGhost and all the work, that is not clearly attributed to someone else, is my work. What I've done or am working on;
-- Dash World, unless voted out, still has one more payment (on 7/6/2016) to go. So we have June and July to work. Than a big blast surrounding d10e in July so it is too early to tell.

-- general audience is being targeted in a more convoluted way ATM, I must admit;
-- "a big blast surrounding d10e in July" will be our pivot toward the wider audience.

-- one big problem we're facing is that the guys are spread thin. These easily fixable issues you mentioned are on a back burner because whomever can do it is too busy with other stuff. To me, it is absurd that the $50M + market cap crypto struggles with money for faster, stronger development and, at the same time, on so many levels depends on volunteers and / or semi-volunteers that are busy with their lives / work elsewhere.
@GreyGhost ,
Thanks for the report and your work.
I have the same impression as @Solarminer about publications. Although websites like Dashpay Magazine or Bitcoinist are good, their audience is still limited. I think that we are not reaching out to new potential Dash users in my opinion, if majority of the content is published only there (the piece on bitcoin.com was good but it is the only one with larger impact I guess). With this amount of money spent on the external vendor, it could be a little bit better, I guess.
We have already spoken with Lisa and Kevin and "sold" some good ideas for the new articles and it would be great, if you work with them to bring us to much bigger audience.
Thanks again :)
This proposal is hanging on by a thread... 12 votes only. Just a suggestion, @GreyGhost, but you might want to make your case about why to vote for this for July, maybe post any exciting news or progress as people are clearly on the fence about this one. Any way to demonstrate the value you feel you are producing would help with support.