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Dash Watch Pre-proposal

Excellent proposal. Has my vote. This has been a much needed service to the Masternode owners. Great work Paragon. You can count on my input. ;)
Yes from me. It'll be a valuable resource for the network and I have 100% confidence in Paragon delivering on the scope set out. Like a number of others in the community, he reached out to get feedback on how best to go about this, the result is a well thought out and well written proposal. The groundwork he has put into this pre-proposal is a good demonstration of the level of commitment he'll put into delivering on this, it is a real credit to him, I wish all proposals were as well thought out and considered as this one..

Absolutely, i hope you have the 5 DASH to make it real. If note i think we all will help you out to make DASH safer ^^ \o/ in DASH we trust!!!
Thank you Paragon. I'm sorry for being so late in participating here. I think your proposal is dead on perfect as can be. In a previous proposal, I didn't like the intention of biased reports, but this seems really well contained and I especially hope to see this part : "Eventually we will allow proposers themselves to enter in their project’s accomplishments, updates, timeline and milestones and have it feed into a global timeline/calendar for the entire proposal ecosystem." As soon as possible.

I think the price is very reasonable, and I thank you for putting your own money into this already. I hope we can approve good salaries in the future if you show your system can be unbiased and pretty accurate (if both sides can have equal access and it can be handled professionally, this will be the gem of the network) There are some interesting coding aspects of what you propose that I can see being useful for others, and It's my hope that if someone wants to do something different but needs similar code, that you'll share it ?? Anyway, you'll have my vote :)

Edit, just an idea. I don't think there should be any discussions on this thing because that would devolve into flame wars IMO. Facts are facts, and I think something like the proposal owners being able to make make brief comments, and click milestone check marks and the person in charge of facts can make co-comments saying "verified" "not verified" and "verified to be untrue" and short comments would keep the BS to a minimum??
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It's funny actually because I had the same idea a few months ago but @paragon seems to be ahead of the game while also delivering something more polished and feature rich than what I could have done myself. Of course this is a yes from me as well.
Scott, Ewok, Bigrcanada, Schnuppdog, Walter, Methusaleh, Simon, Tante, Ichigo and everyone else above and on discord and slack who chatted with me and helped me develop the idea, I really appreciate the input and support, this would not be happening without you.

We will be moving full-steam ahead as soon as we have a clear indication that the proposal will pass.

Tante and others, please know that hearing the way you envision this platform being designed is really helpful as we're still very early on and have the ability to add or modify a lot of features without resulting in a significant loss of time and money.

I encourage others to please share with us what their ideal end-product capabilities are as well. We won't get it perfect the first time, but it goes without saying that the more people who give us their feedback early on regarding what they would like and not like to see on the platform, the more likely we are to deliver them a satisfactory product.

Thanks again for the support

PS If you don't agree with part of this idea or its execution, please don't shy away from saying something. We're aiming to best accommodate everyone and it's better that I hear it
Thats a much needed proposal. I'm impressed by the vision you have to fullfill this task. Looking forward to vote yes.
Thanks a lot everyone. I really appreciate the words of encouragement from each of you Simon , Ed, Coqui, TroyDash, Mark, Solarguy, Joel, Joe, Stealth923, TheSingleton, JGCMiner, and Mastermined. I'll do my best to not let any of you down.

@blockchaintech regarding the project being open-source, I definitely would like to have as much redundancy as possible not only with me, but by having multiple developers on this project so that if the current developer or I ever had to step away for an unforeseen reason, someone else would be able to quickly pick up the slack and fill in our shoes. I've actually already given Core Team Member Alex Werner access to the codebase via gitlab to hear his input on the current development. If the community doesn't mind other competitors to Dash potentially freeloading off our work for Dash, we have no problem making the entire project open-source.

No more free rides please, keep this closed source and exclusive to DASH Eco-system. I also exchanged some ideas with paragon and offered my help in the endeavor. Good luck
Happy to see a proposal with well defined goals. It's obvious that it has been a lot of work put in to this already! Looking forward to see our community made stronger and more resilient against scammers and poorly executed proposals, thanks to this new tool. Well done and looking forward for implementation ;)
Closed source means no service, once @paragon for any reason will decide to abandon the project.

Literally the only reason cryptocurrency must be opensource lies in the fact that it must be trustless, otherwise people would install binaries that just end up sending their coins to the programmer. This project however does not handle any funds. It's just a governance tool that'll help us become more efficient with our decision making and proposal vetting. There is no reason to opensource it for everyone. The code can be distributed to trusted parties for safekeeping. You can achieve redundancy without exposing all your secrets.

On a more emotional note:

We don't get any brownie points for gifting the world with code our network paid cold hard dash for. Nobody is going to say "thank you" and we're not going to get recognized. Dash has been copied by many competitors and most of them even deny that they did just that.

I say fuck them. Our network pays for the work so our network alone gets to reap the benefits. We're not anyone's welfare and the rest of the cryptoscene is crapping on Dash enough as it is. They'll just take it and dump another turd on our lawn. The fact that the professionally developed Dash Core client code is fully opensourced on release is more than enough, so I strongly suggest to keep this project closed-source.
There is no reason to opensource it for everyone. The code can be distributed to trusted parties for safekeeping. You can achieve redundancy without exposing all your secrets.

My thoughts exactly. You don't have to have fully open source code to insure long term viability. If he wants to make it open source, I wouldn't object to that, since I still feel pretty generous to the rest of the crypto universe. I don't see them as real competitors. Fiat and banksters, those are our competitors.

But I understand and respect your point of view, especially with regards to certain communities that seem to make it their mission to crap on our mission. It is a complete waste of time and energy on their part, and it won't work anyway. It's like the toddler, desperately clinging to the leg of the adult, and believing they are actually stopping something.
Thanks @paragon for bringing us an extremely thoughtful proposal with a solution that I am confident will be a huge boon to Dash's governance. I really appreciate you coming to the community with a demonstration of an alpha-stage product, whereas so many other proposals have not put in the same level of leg-work upfront.

You have my full support and I expect this proposal to easily pass once submitted.

Here are a few suggested additions to make this project as useful as possible.
1) Field/column for # of Milestones Met (for example, "2 of 3")
2) Field/column for Escrow Service (If "Yes", show name of Escrow Service Provider, else No)
3) Profiles/reputation for Escrow Service Providers and a history of their escrow service (# of projects escrowed, avg $ amount, status of and links to projects)
Thanks a lot for the input Beru, Miner237, akhavr, Rimey, macrochip, solarguy and Nuancer. We definitely benefit from it. Regarding open vs closed-source, we will continue to give Core and others the community would like access to the codebase. @Nuancer Thanks for the suggestions, we are actually implementing one of those already, but please reach out to me and stay in touch.

Those of you who are known in the community and would like to be among the first users to try out the platform before public release to give feedback on how to improve it or to help us by checking the accuracy of our data, please let me know. Thanks!
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This is exactly what we need, easy and quick way to check everything DAO related.
@paragon talked with me also showing his beta product and I was fascinated too.
You have my votes as well!
This looks great!
I'd like to know how much you think it will cost after the first 3 months to keep the information up-to-date and how much to maintain the website and make improvements.
Sorry if this was already answered and I missed it.