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Dash Wallet for Android (IX w/ Send and Receive, New UI)

Is this app a step in the right direction?

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The developers of the Dash Wallet for Android are ready to test the production version of the Dash Wallet for Android that has these updated features:
1. New User Interface
2. Ability to Receive IX transactions and know if they are locked
3. Ability to know that Sent IX transactions are locked.
4. Ability to respond to dash: links on websites to send DASH.
5. InstantX has been renamed InstantSend.

This version will replace previous versions, unlike other beta test or testnet apps, which were separate apps. (be aware/secure your funds) -- Always have a backup of your wallet!


Source Code:

DASH protocols: https://dashtalk.org/members/hashengineering.463/ - dash:XywwpkwZYAypoW2cCmdczh4kFcvWWb9ZZW
New UI: https://dashtalk.org/members/tomasz-ludek.4173/

This thread originally was for testing of the beta version, which included some of the features above. Thanks to the testers, we were able to get feedback to fix many bugs.

Previous notes on Beta versions:

Please read the following before installing this apk (the beta version):
0. Don't use large amounts of DASH to do your testing, in fact at first, don't use any and just look around the app and see what you like or don't like about the interface.
1. This beta version will not install over the stable version of Dash Wallet on your device.
2. The beta version doesn't use the same wallet file as the Dash Wallet on your device, though it is possible to restore a backup from the stable version.
3. The beta version has a setting called Lite Mode. If Lite mode is ON, then the app doesn't maintain a list of masternodes to verify InstantX locks (it waits to get 6 of the 10 masternode verified locks). If Lite Mode is OFF, then the app uses a lot of bandwidth and it can verify InstantX locks with greater confidence because it can check that a lock is from a valid masternode. Test this app on Wifi only if bandwidth isn't free for you.
4. The beta version has a new user interface that is not complete. Some parts may seem like they don't fit, let us know what those are.
5. The beta version (when Lite Mode is OFF) tries to maintain a list of masternodes to verify instantX transactions. If the app hasn't finished syncing the list, then InstantX transactions will not show as "Verified", which means locked, by the network. We are not sure how long it takes to sync the list. There is a notification on the main screen showing "Synchronizing Sporks..." and then "Syncronizing Masternodes" but means that the app is getting a list of the masternodes, but hasn't retrieved all the information for the Masternodes. When the "Synchronizing" message goes away, it would seem that the app is done, but it is not yet done. We will add this later.
6. If you plan to test the sending and receiving IX transactions, then start the app and wait for 10 or 15 minutes. Try it also when the app starts. See if the app reports that InstantX transactions are verified by the Dash Network (this text or similar text will appear on the screen).
7. If the app crashes, send a crash report. If the app doesn't prompt you to send it, then go to Settings | Diagnostics | Report Issue. Enter a small description of what you were doing or what screen you were in when it crashed.

After we get feedback, we can tackle the issues that need to be fixed.​
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Ok, IX version is on my android phone here goes,
synced and normal TX funds cleared quickly ~3 mins

Test 1: Android IX to Laptop = 3.62 seconds (pure 4G GSM only at 0.5 megabits/s download, no cable, no wifi for phone)
test 2 : Android IX to laptop = 3.23 seconds (GSM) (crashed after second test, single restart brought it back)
test 3 : Android IX to laptop = crashed straight away(GSM) I had to reinstall again and restore backed up wallet.
test 3 : time Android IX to laptop = 1.70 seconds (minus my reaction time so making about 1.5 seconds, a world record?!)
(re:test 3 : Android IX to laptop = crashed first time, I had to reinstall again and restore backed up wallet.)

Average instantX times from android to laptop = 2.85 seconds (minus reaction time of stopwatch reflex, making 0.2 seconds less)

Note:laptop is on an upload of 6 megabits per second wifi network (2 meg upload)

Test 1 : laptop IX to android = 2.16 seconds
Test 2 : Laptop IX to android = 7.38 seconds
Test 3 : Laptop IX to android = 1.65 seconds (-.2 reaction time, makes 1.45 seconds, another record to the android this time ?)

Average instantX times from Laptop IX to android = 3.73 seconds (minus reaction time of stopwatch of about .2 seconds)

slightly unstable, crashed a few times, and lost network connection(phone memory was almost critical, may have affected it or network dropped a few packets), faster wifi may sort this but for a poor connection this is good and 'real' 4G none third world pseudo 4G must be better.

Plus points:

had to reinstall after crash(it would not start without errors) and wallet restored from backup no problemo, sync was only 7 days behind so I got resynced quickly (~2.5 mins) with the lost funds, and they came back straight away.


IX Laptop to android seems to be 100% reliable?
Android has a few bugs, with crashing but none of them critical, just make sure you back up the wallet first because you will need to reinstall and import the wallet, otherwise loss of funds (do NOT risk much anyway, only a few dash)

Phewee, well guys that took 5 hours to fully test and find some bugs, I don't usually ask but any small tips would be highly appreciated as I'm low on funds at the moment,
anyway I like to help when time.
have a nice day :)


Thanks a many!

Btw, the QR scan camera code works absolutely fine :)


P.S. Back to sunny side up now ;)
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looks great !
wish i had an android !
tx hash + tomas !!
Great work guys, sent a little donation
Thanks, I had to sell most of my Dash for medical treatment and a much needed holiday, which was very hard parting with, but health comes first, I seem to be on the mend now :)
Have a few ideas to discuss at a future meetup regarding a possible project, so am hoping I can earn a few back :grin:
I am going to some islands in SE Asia where the internet connection is very very slow, it can be 5-10k, so I will be interested to see how the android wallet and laptop cope with updating and transfers, because much of the third world has very slow internet. This is a huge market and it would be nice to know where we stand and current viability...
(the slowest ever was in Indonesia at the gili islands, the page was loading a character/word at a time!)
Hi Guys,
I think the most important for us would be tests of receiving InstantX transactions. HashEngineering did amazing job implementing this feature into dashj library (darkcoinj).
This library, which is a core of Android wallet, is the standalone Java library and in the future could be used, by merchants to easily implement InstantX payments (not only on Android). It based on bitcoinj, but operates on Dash.

Thanks for the feedback!
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Screenshots are below:
addressbook.png exchange.png peers.png request.png send.png sweep.png wallet-sync.png wallet-synced.png
For the address book screen, any way to adjust it so that the addresses are on one line instead of three? It just looks weird.
I think this was made intentionally - note that addresses are also splited into blocks of 4 letters each. Those 2 changes together make it a bit easier to verify address symbol by symbol imo. Though I personally usually verify few first and few last symbols only...