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DASH Venezuela

En casa recibimos a Dimitar Correa, Tutellus. Una plataforma de aprendizaje en línea llena de oportunidades en Blockchain que tiene mucho por compartir con todos. Este fue uno de los primeros encuentros de muchos que tendremos.


Hello to all

On Saturday, May 19, we held a successful meetup in the city of San Antonio de los Altos thanks to the support of DASH Venezuela.

Every day people are more interested, especially when they can see the work that DASH Venezuela has done with the entrepreneurs.

That day we counted with the presence of two entrepreneurs of DASH Venezuela and they could tell their experiences with the use of DASH in their businesses.

With these experiences people can feel the real thing that is DASH and if possible its use as a means of exchange or substitution for fiat money.

We thank DASH Venezuela for the support provided for this event in our city.

I leave the video of our activity on Saturday and the results:


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Hola @algodon.franelas, soy Victor Molina parte del team Dash Maracaibo, he estado viendo todo lo referente a Dash Venezuela y tus post y definitivamente eres un ejemplo a seguir! continua asi, felicitaciones.
On May 24, was held the conference: "Dash: a tool for building worker loyalty". The event was held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Industry of the State of Aragua, and was attended by 80 people, mostly managers involved in the areas of Human Resources and Personnel Administration of the companies.

The event consisted of explaining to the attendees how Dash can be used to complement the benefits of the workers, generating a commitment with the companies and the work. The purpose of this conference was to explain how companies can develop plans that benefit workers, generating loyalty.

With these plans, the exodus of personnel abroad would decrease, a negative situation that currently affects industries and companies in the country.

On the other hand, making this benefit plan would increase the adoption of Dash in the market, since workers will be able to buy Dash.

The conference was carried out with the financing of Dash Central, channeled by Dash Venezuela and coordinated with Dash Maracay. Among the speakers were algodon.franelas(founder of Dash Venezuela), Alexis Lugo (Coordinator of Communities Dash Venezuela) and Mariela Llovera (Director of the company Nayma Consultores).

See More at our Web Site

In few days we will present the video of the event






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Hello everyone

The Dash Valencia Community with the support of Dash Venezuela held his first meetup in the City of Valencia.

the meeting was held in the Pasthelados classroom, in Valencia, we talked about Blockchain, dash, how to use dash, and how entrepreneurs can benefit from accepting dash in their stores

We thank DASH Venezuela for the support provided for this event in our city.

here some results of the event:

Number of Attendees 16

Date of the event 5/23/2018

Name of the event: 1er Meetup Dash Valencia

New wallets 16

Transactions 16

New entrepreneurs 2



here the full photo gallery : https://imgur.com/a/QAG2QlC
Hello, this is the report of the 1st Conversation of Dash Valencia.

On Saturday, May 26, we met at the Mandarin restaurant in Valencia.

With 26 guests who received, all the information about Dash and how to use it.

We also have a special guest named kevin Alcantara, who spoke specifically of the DAO and its importance in cryptocurrencies.

After the conversation ended we went to a practical phase where the attendees received a giveaway that they could use to donate to a nearby school for their repairs.

Thank DASH Venezuela for the support provided for this event

Results of the event:

Number of Attendees 26

Date of the event 5/26/2018

Name of the event: 1er Conversatorio Dash Valencia

New wallets 22

Transactions 52

New entrepreneurs 2


Full Gallery https://imgur.com/a/DoOZmwm

What a great job Francisco and his team have done since @regalaunjajaja have accompanied us from our beginnings and at the same time we have them. They have received donations in @Dashpay and they print smile and color to our entrepreneurs fairs. Thank you all for your donations!




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We were the meridian news that is broadcast live on Canal-I TV station. This interview allowed us to count more of Dash in front of other cryptocurrencies and to share what we do in our conferences for the entrepreneurs, offering an opportunity to revalue their income and continue investing their trust in Venezuela

Hola a todos, por acá les comparto parte de lo que fue nuestra primera conferencia de dash los teques para empresarios y comerciantes de Los Teques y Altos Mirandinos.

Asistentes: 50
Wallets nuevas: 40
Transacciones: 110 entre recargas, compras y donaciones.
Buena experiencia
Tremenda experiencia para seguir creciendo en nuestra comunidad.


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Hello everyone

Here I send you the report of a new meeting held in the City of Valencia.

The place chosen was Salones Sinfonia Eventos in Prebo. On Friday, June 1st, with 14 people we talked about Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and the advantages of using Dash.

We captured 2 new entrepreneurs, who have coworking spaces in the city and want to charge in Dash.


Number of Attendees 12

Date of the event 6/01/2018

Name of the event: 2nd Dash Valencia Meetup

New wallets 12

Transactions 12

New entrepreneurs 2

Hi everyone! the community of Dash Barquisimeto is happy to be able to show you the first meeting held in the twilight city.
The meeting was held at the Club Italo Venezolano and attendees enjoyed a talk on Blockchain Technology, cryptocurrencies and the benefits of the Dash wallet.
We want to thank the ONG "Regala una Sonrisa" for their participation and Dash Venezuela for the support to carry out the event.
On Thursday, June 7, we had a successful meeting in the city of Maturin Monagas state of Venezuela, thanks to the support of DASH Venezuela.

In the framework of the diffusion presentations cycle of DASH Monagas, Meetup No. In this activity was performed in the restaurant facilities "

Gourmeteando of the city of Maturin.

The points dealt with were the following:






Governance and financing

the receptiveness of the attending public was excellent and they showed great interest to the knowledge, and use of the DASH cryptocurrency their

versatility, reliability, safety and its competitive value in the current market.

We thank

DASH Venezuela for the support provided for this event in our city.

In this Meetup the receptivity to the use of the currency was positive and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and the general public expressed acceptance and expectations to the use of this digital exchange system.

leave the video of our activity on and the results:

Number of people 15

New wallets 15

Transactions 8

New entrepreneurs 2