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DASH Venezuela


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We are a group of entrepreneurs in love with the particularities of DASH - Digital Cash, and because the Dash Community believed in our project, today we aspire to be part of the solution of the challenging reality of our country.

With a focus on generating win-win initiatives through entrepreneurship, our main objective is to promote the knowledge, valuation and adoption of this cryptocurrency in Venezuela.



In early 2017, thanks to Amanda B. Johnson’s YouTube shows (“The Daily Decrypt”, “DASH School” and “DASH: Detailed”),I became aware of the existence of DASH - Digital Cash and its decentralized governance through the DAO.

So, in june 2017 I began for the first time the process of submitting a pre-proposal and, later, with the support of DASH Community, the first proposal for her project, a one year long cycle of conferences entitled: “DASH - DIGITAL CASH and other cryptocurrencies for entrepreneurs”.

These are conferences in the city of Caracas, with experts in every subjects, held once a month since september 2017, dedicated to entrepreneurs, so they could learn what is blockchain, what are cryptocurrencies, what is DASH and how to accept it as payment or donation. That was the beginning of the first DASH comunity in Venezuela: DASH Caracas.

When I first envisioned it, I planned for activities for 80 people, but the public response was so big that I had to re-think the whole thing to make big events of 600 people in the morning + 400 in the afternoon for DASH City.

With a growing team, we held the conferences succesfuly, and then in December 2017, we held the first DASH City, an activity created to simulate an entire ecosystem, where entrepreneurs and merchants practiced how to sell their goods and services with DASH, as the attendees to the event (around 1 K people each month) learn how to pay using only DASH, where participants can buy from a cup of coffee to a motorcycle, using only DASH - Digital Cash.

In our YouTube Channel you can watch a sample of our activities.

After several months of our work with DASH Caracas, there began an overwhelming amount of calls, emails, meeting requests, advisory requests, for me and my team, of individuals and teams seeking for advice on how to form a succesful community and how to submit succesfully proposals to the DASH DAO, among other things.

Attending this requirements takes working hours from me and my team, who are freelancers who live of what we can do with our time.

In the proposals for DASH Caracas' events, we are very careful to not overcharge anything, so there is no money left for paying the team for this "extra hours", so we are seeking other spaces where to place in budget the payment for this other projects.

That is how DASH Venezuela has been born, with its four programs.


Our Vision:

To be leaders in driving the adoption and responsible use of DASH - Digital Cash in Latin America.

Our Mission:

To generate opportunities for the evolution of Venezuelans.

Our Values:
  • Entrepreneur's Spirit: Innovation + Creativity + Enthusiasm + Resilience + Disruption
  • Trust
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Love: Passion + Service + Solidarity + Compassion
  • Connection: Alliances + Relationships + Cooperation
Our Strategic Goals for December 2018:
  1. ADOPTION: To reach at least 1000 entrepreneurs or companies that adopt DASH - Digital Cash as payment registered in the directory of Dash Venezuela.
  2. ALLIANCES: To establish at least 35 strategic alliances in Venezuela and 2 in Latin America.
  3. SELF-SUSTAINABILITY: To aachieve 10% self-sustainability.


ENTREPRENEURS: Support and training for business and social entrepreneurs that want to accept DASH - Digital Cash as a form of payment or donation.

You can find these entrepreneurs here:
- www.dashvenezuela.org
- www.discoverdash.com
- Criptolugares VE

COMMUNITIES: Support and training for leaders of new DASH Communities who want to work in alliance with DASH Venezuela.

We provide advisory to other communities in Venezuela, when they are little, we don't "charge" them, because we know they do not yet know how to ask for funding, we teach them how to do that, and teach them how to make a meetup or small event, and thanks to the aproval of the latest proposal, we have funds to help them finance this activities, and to pay for the hours of the freelancers dedicated to help them.

When the community is strong enoungh or big enough, such as DAH Maracay or DASH PLC, we teach them how to sumbit a proposal to the DASH Treasury, besides the large amount of hours we dedicate to them in order to give them advice on how to succesfully run a big event such as the conferences we have held in Caracas and how to host the DASH City, which is the experience we invented so merchants and consumers could learn practically how to sell and buy good and services using only DASH.


People and teams usually get in touch with me and my team, via email, social media or aproaching us in our events. Then they say they want to form a new community and if we want to help them.

In that case, we help them get in touch with @Jahlexis_Tafari who is the Communities Program Coordinator. Then he explains to them about what we do in DASH Venezuela, and the alliance terms (we ask the Community to sign a mutual alliance and a confidentiality contract) and when is all taken care of, we welcome them in our Telegram Group for Communities, where they can enjoy the networking with all of the other community leaders.

Then we start giving them some general recommendations we have developed. For example, what kind of activities they can develope in order to boost DASH Adoption in their city, or the graphic recomendations @huguito prepared after getting the new brand guidelines from the Core Team. This materials are open to discussion and suggestions by all of the other leaders.

Sometimes they require individual guidance, and @Jahlexis_Tafari takes care of that both in person or via phone / email / Telegram.

We share with them different ways of financing their activities, for example DASH Force contests, the budget we received in past cycle for communities activities or DASH Treasury

If they want to get funding directly from DASH Venezuela, we ask them to prepare a budget, that we evaluate together @Jahlexis_Tafari @Dashvefin (Financial Director) and myself. Then we aprove them and give them the funds, and try to accompany them in their first activities so they can have our support and resolve any doubts in the way.

If they want to submit a proposal to the DASH DAO, we give them materials we have preparated for workshops in this subject, and invite them to study our proposal history in the DASH Forum.

If they want further support, we give them a commercial proposal, where we offer an ammount of consulting hours in exchange for a fee that will only be charged if the proposal passes.

If they accept (like the case of Maracay and PLC) then we dedicate hours to guide them in the process of making a pre-proposal and a proposal, and support them in every step.

If their proposal is aproved, like the first one from Maracay, then we dedicate more consulting hours to help them organize their first conference and their first DASH City, including all of the preparing activities.

PROPOSALS: Advice and support for people and teams who want to submit proposals to the DASH Treasury in alliance with DASH Venezuela.
  • Cryptolifex

  • DASH Help

  • DASH Maracay
We teach individuals and teams how to sumbit a proposal to the DASH Treasury, and dedicate hours to help them with the difusion and the PRs, so as many MNOs as possible learn about their proposal and hopefully they support their project. We also try to pass on to them values of colaboration and transparency, as fundamentals of being good members of the DASH Community.

COMPANIES: Support and training for companies that want to accept DASH as a solution

We teach companies not only how to accept DASH as payments, but also how to use it as a solution for other of their problems, such as import/export, treasury and human resources.



In the process of making this journey, me and my team have been always very clear that we are not a filter and that wanting our support does not mean that we are some kind of pre-requirement or anything like that. You can find that I have declared this in public every time I speak of the programs, either in the Conferences (you can find recordings in our YouTube Channel: DASH Venezuela) or in mass media interviews.

Me and my team are learning at the same time that we are operating and growing. We are doing the best we can with what we have and what we know.

Actually, we have had a lot of lessons to learn. For example, at the beginning, all of our agreements where verbal, but that brought us trouble when some of the people or teams we related to did not honor those agreements, so we are in the process of making some agreement documents, so both parties are protected in the process.


Communities, teams or people who are working to contribute to the promotion of the massive adoption of Dash in our country, and who have accepted and signed alliance and confidentiality agreements, which demonstrate our mutual commitment to work in collaboration, not competition and respect for the sensitive information that we may share.

Allied Projects

Allied Communities

  1. DASH Barquisimeto

  2. DASH Baruta

  3. Dash Bolívar

  4. DASH Costas de Aragua

  5. DASH Falcón

  6. DASH Guarenas-Guatire

  7. DASH Guayana

  8. DASH Higuerote

  9. DASH La Guaira

  10. DASH Libertador

  11. DASH Los Teques

  12. DASH Maracaibo

  13. DASH Maracay

  14. DASH Mérida

  15. Dash Monagas

  16. DASH Puerto La Cruz

  17. DASH San Antonio de Los Altos

  18. DASH Táchira

  19. DASH Valencia

  20. Dash Valera-Trujillo

  21. DASH Valle de la Pascua

  22. Dash Yaracuy


Communities, teams or people with similar interests and objectives, but for various reasons have not signed agreements with Dash Venezuela (maybe they will in the future). With these teams we have good relationships, but for the protection of sensitive information, they have less access to diverse activities and spaces organized by Dash Venezuela.
  • Centro de Cultura Digital
  • Criptolugares VE
  • Colibit
  • Dash Help
  • DASH Merchant
  • Dash Los Roques
  • DASH Youth
  • eBitCo
  • Tutellus

Web page:



Twitter + Instagram

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Hi friends, interview on the part of the Venezuelan television channel GLOBOVISION
to the founder of Dash Venezuela, Eugenia Alcalà and Hanny Figeroa


Part 1

part 2


Likewise, I leave the link of our channel "Dash Venezuela" to see all our videos,
we have good information on the events and explanations of dash in Spanish. Subscribe ...


I also remember our official website,

where you will find the latest news related to our community.

Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + YouTube: @dashcaracas

We accept DASH - DIGITAL CASH at Algo+Don Franelas and Entorno Corporal from Caracas - Venezuela.

Dash_Maracaibo is alive, accompaning Dash Venezuela in the challenge to become a Dash Nation.
We want to begin on Wednesday, reaching more than 30 people in the municipality of San Francisco and Thursday to 50 people in Maracaibo.
We'll talk about the future of Dash_Maracaibo and share knowledge about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies with all these people in hunger for information.
As soon as the system allows me, I will share more information with pleasure.

The digital TV station

their show
(Extraordinary people)

and the episode
(Cryptocurrency as an alternative)
and interview to Eugenia Alcalá to speak about DASH Venezuela.

You can watch it here: http://iptvdigital.com/criptomoneda-como-alternativa/

Excellent interview, when we can go from explaining the basics of Blockchain, is when it becomes more interesting all the proposal that we bring with Dash to the country.

I like the way than you present dash in this video.
successful continuation.
6th Conference in Caracas
"How to buy and sell DASH - Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies in Venezuela"
with Lorenzo Rey @LorenzoRey

As usual for the Dash Venezuela team, every Friday before our conference we always share with new groups of the Venezuelan press the basic aspects and introductory topics to the conference the next day.

Also as part of our team strategy to maintain basic knowledge on job security and events, we share in this talk with our team of "juniors" and each coordination representative.

On Saturday, March 24, 2018, we had our 6th Conference entitled: "How to buy and sell DASH - Digital Cash and other cryptocurrencies in Venezuela", held at the Intercontinental Tamanaco Hotel in a prestigious area of Caracas, Venezuela.

8:00 am.
With a very good coordination between our database team, Evenpro, logistics and production gave the perfect welcome to 592 people, who were received with the necessary material to know the proper development of the entire day of the event: folder with conference agenda, list of participating entrepreneurs in the DASH City, general information about our allies DASH Help Venezuela; always with the respective ballpoint pen, all perfectly designed and produced for the height of this event. In addition, we surprised our guests with an ecological bag that would accompany them with their purchases using their passport in the DASH City.


At this stage of our cycle it is a natural behavior of our guests to go to the Dash Help Venezuela booths to request any support for wallet download or synchronization of wallets in any of the devices they use, such as: smartphones, tablets and laptops. @AlejandroE


The participants began to live the experience of the 6th. conference in the great hall Naiguatá of the Tamanaco Hotel.

Starting at 9 in the morning and complying with the agenda, we started with videos of our entrepreneurs and didactic capsules for the refreshing of the basic concepts about blockchain and DASH - Digital Cash. Video streaming through our Youtube channel punctually initiated the transmission of everything.


9:00 am.

I had the honor of opening the event by telling a little about the progress of our website www.DashVenezuela.org and the new updated list of entrepreneurs that you can explore right there. Helping new visitors to meet all the entrepreneurs of Venezuela who accept Dash and turn a virtual window for each merchant of each entrepreneur.


Lorenzo Rey, began by explaining what Dash is, and how to buy or sell it in Venezuela. Something that impressed all the audience was when the giant screen caught the attention of the audience with Lorenzo Rey presenting a live exchange process through the semi-decentralized platform Cryptolifex, which is estimated to be released to the public in the middle of April. In this video you can watch this dynamic of selling DASH to VEF exactly at 2:27:10 sec.



11:30 am
Lorenzo Rey closed his conference with massive applause for such excellent information provided and again the participants were satisfied to have overcome a new step in this cycle of knowledge provided by Dash Venezuela.
It was time to enjoy an innovative experience for the Dash team and for our cycle of conferences and we decided to share a hopeful moment with all our participants, strengthening hope and a positive commitment for our country.


Afterwards, Lorenzo answered to the questions made by the attendees in the hall and on Twitter through the hashtag #DashVenezuela


12:30 pm. to 5:00 p.m.
After such a rewarding event, we welcomed a new edition of DASH City, which thanks to the big space of this new venue counted with 88 entrepreneurs willing to strengthen their projects, their businesses and products with the quality and dynamism offered by Dash - Digital Cash as a payment platform. The charm of each of the entrepreneurs captivated the attendees who were already in conference plus the 373 new attendees who entered after 2pm.



In Dash City we could enjoy chocolates, bakery, craft beers each providing disruptive experiences for buyers, motorcycles, storytelling experience for the little ones, health and personal care area, clothing and accessories. In short, each month we get closer in products and services to what the concept of Dash City deserves.

In parallel, we gave the use of the Naiguatá hall to our allies Dash Merchant @andrade92 and Criptolugares VE @Juan Petit|CriptoLugares so they could helps us with our dinamic that we call "Interactive Tables: Lets Use DASH" for anyone who wants to understand more about Dash - Digital Cash for their business, their personal savings or different concerns about our platform. This brings even closer to our entire audience with a one-to-one meeting with the Dash Venezuela team. More than 60 new entrepreneurs and businesses interested in Dash were attended in just two hours of service. Already throughout the course of the afternoon, a large group of people received their tip based on their previous expenses that are usually mostly: food and donations to existing NGOs in DASH City. Happy to receive the new amount, continue touring the fair to give yourself a taste with new products that conquer their tastes or needs.


The atmosphere of our conferences is an opportunity for our community to be involved in new challenges, positive challenges that develop them and get in Dash Venezuela new tools to generate progress. Internally, as a work team, Dash Venezuela closes the day with more experience and smiles than fatigue, with new challenges for April and with the fixed idea of maintaining quality and enthusiasm from day 1.


BIG THANKS to all the Master Nodes, Dash Venezuela Core team, entrepreneurs, Allied Communities and Projects and the more than 100 people who work at Dash Venezuela for believing, believing in innovation and creating a new world through our clear and unique message of always wanting the best.

Total attendees: Morning: 592 + Afternoon: 373 = 965
Total entrepreneurships at DASH City: 88
More than 100 people working on the event, all paid in DASH.